Leitz HENRI Directors Viewfinder for Leica SL Cameras
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The German lens manufacturer Leitz has just announced the introduction of a new director finder specially developed for Leica SL cameras: the Leitz HENRI. This director viewfinder makes it easy to put on and take off the camera and is available in L-PL and L-LPL lens mounts. Let's take a closer look!

The Leica SL2-S came out earlier this week – you can read our entire article here – and Leitz already announced that they have worked closely with Leica to develop a viewfinder for directors: the Leitz HENRI.

HENRI is not a one-piece device, but can be viewed as an accessory for existing Leica SL cameras to transform them into a real viewfinder for directors.

Photo credit: Leitz

Leitz HENRI – properties

If we're trying to simplify things, the Leitz HENRI directors' viewfinder consists of a lens mount adapter – available in L-PL or L-LPL lens mounts – and a set of 15mm carbon fiber rods (19mm version will be later be available next year), a lens adapter and lens mount, and a handle.

Photo credit: Leitz

The Leitz HENRI is located between your lens and your camera. The pivoting handle includes a start / stop recording button, but you need to connect a cable between the handle and the camera. If you turn the handle, you can mount the system on a tripod / monopod.

The weight of HENRI is 800 g, the L-PL bracket 250 g and the Leica SL2-S camera 800 g. The complete device without lens is therefore 1.8 kg.

Photo credit: Leitz

According to Leitz

The SL2-S has a great viewfinder and already has some basic frame lines. With future firmware updates, additional framework lines will be available, which makes the SL2-S + HENRI system a very attractive product.

Price and availability

Director seekers are typically very expensive pieces of equipment, mostly bought from rental homes and used for movies, commercials and big budget projects. We do not currently have any information about the price or availability of the Leitz HENRI.

More information is available on the Leitz website here.

What do you think of this director's viewfinder for Leica SL cameras? Do you often use a director finder? Don't hesitate to let us know in the comments below!


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