LightBox Expo Creators Introduce Magma Studio
Magma Capture01.jpg

Bobby Chiu and Jim Demonakos, the developers of the LightBox Expo, have teamed up with software developers Code Charm Inc. (developer of to create a new creative collaborative application. Magma Studio. It works directly through a browser and offers the ability to collaborate with multiple users as well as the familiarity with professional painting.

"Magma Studio is a game changer for drawing together," commented Chiu. "This application is specially designed for artists who want to create art with others, or for any team who wants to bring remote work to any device."

The application helps bridge the gap between artists and non-artists to work closely on each project by sharing a board that is updated in real time so everyone is working on the latest iteration. Magma Studio will automatically save and keep it safe in the cloud. It turns it into a living document that up to 30 people can work on at the same time, conflict-free, in real time.

In addition to the collaborative browser-based software, Magma Studio offers both Studio and Enterprise editions for those who want to install them on internal networks.

For more information, see Magma Studio.

Source: Magma Studio


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