Hulu Little Fires Everywhere Main Title

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From Imaginary Forces: “The titles for Little Fires Everywhere provide the name itself when we surrendered to our inner pyromania. Rotated at high speed, it is a ballet of burning objects that fall, float, and fall through the frame.

“Based on Celeste Ng's bestseller, the Hulu series Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington play as two mothers who ignite class and race differences in Tony Shaker Heights. The following drama gives a new meaning to "burning the house". "

Take a look at the following behind-the-scenes feature:

Customer: Hulu

Production: imaginary forces
Directed by Karin Fong
Designer: Katherine Liang, Isabell Hacker
Live action cameraman: JR Kraus
Publisher: Lexi Gunvaldson
Flame artist: Rod Basham
Producer: Renee Robson
Line producer: Evan Jones
Executive producer: Wandie Kabule
Production manager: Melody Alexander
IF coordinator: Jackson Kerr / Nicole Gutzman


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