Luenell and Sacha Baron Cohen in "Borat"
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Exclusive: "Borat" breakout Strangely enough, Luenell is missing in the sequel "Borat Subsequent Movie Film". Here's why.

Luenell and Sacha Baron Cohen in

Luenell and Sacha Baron Cohen in "Borat"

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"Borat" fans listening to the controversial sequel "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm" on Amazon Prime this weekend could experience a notable absence: Luenell, the comedian and actress who was one of the few dedicated actors in the original from 2006 . In "Borat" Luenell plays a fictional prostitute who finally marries the title character (Sacha Baron Cohen) and returns with him to his Kazakh home. Luenell took to Instagram on Friday after discovering she would not be featured in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm despite receiving payment for the sequel. (The actress is listed as a credited star in Amazon's metadata.)

“Apparently my husband BORAT is spending money for no reason because your girl didn't cut the film (news for me), but I did the cut on the nank. Last time I checked … we were married with two biracial kids, but maybe he paired up with Pamela Anderson, ”she wrote, referring to the ending of the first“ Borat ”movie, in which Borat and Luenell become romantically involved after being turned down by Pamela Anderson. (See Luenell's Instagram post below.)



Why is Luenell not in the sequel to "Borat"? There were early discussions about including the comedian in Jason Woliner's new film, according to a source close to production. Because of her union status with SAG-AFTRA, Luenell was compensated for taking their similarity into account. The source added that it was initially unclear how Luenell might appear in the film, be it in newly recorded scenes, pre-existing invisible footage, or stock footage. Unfortunately, due to the impact of COVID-19 on film and television production, the logistics got complicated that year and it was ultimately not considered. Filming on "Borat 2" began in Texas late last year and was completed last summer.

Luenell obviously had the impression that she would somehow be featured in the film, which wrote on Instagram earlier this week: “BORAT 2 will be out on Amazon Prime Video in six days. A lot of my black guys slept in this movie 11 years ago when it made its landmark debut and was nominated for an Oscar. I think we've all woken up full now, so grab your popcorn and wait. "

Luenell has made a name for himself in other Hollywood productions since “Borat”, including a small role in “A Star Is Born” from 2018, a role in “Dolemite Is My Name” and appearances on “The Last OG “And" Black Jesus ".

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