Mace Windu Origin Story with Samuel L. Jackson Rumored at Disney+

Disney seems excited about its newest boyfriend, the Star Wars franchise. Rumor has it that there are many, many prequel projects in development at Disney +, possibly featuring fan-favorite characters Lando Calrissian, Darth Maul and Han Solo. Now there is a new, quite exciting project being whispered about: the genesis of the extraordinary purple lightsaber bearer Mace Windu. The project would focus on the young mace, which regrettably would mean that Samuel L. Jackson would not act as the lead actor but would appear in potential flash forwards on events from the prequel trilogy.

The powerful Jedi was reportedly killed in Revenge of the Sith, but Jackson himself has hinted that this may not have meant the end of his character. "I'd really like to do another run with Mace Windu in Star Wars," he said. “There's a long history of one-handed guys who were Jedis, had lightsabers, and still made it. Jedis can fall from incredible heights and not die like cats. “Perhaps there is room in the project to tell his story after the Palpatine murder, even though he will never be seen again after his fall.

For more vigor, check out The Mandalorian on Disney + Season 2 premiere on October 30th. More information on the long-awaited events can be found here Obi-Wan Kenobi series Currently in development.

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