Magic Bullet Suite 14 and Trapcode Suite 16 — Prolost
Magic Bullet Suite 14 Blog.jpg

It's a big day at Maxon / Red Giant! We're releasing major updates to Magic Bullet and Trapcode Suites.

Trapcode Particular continues to embody our ethos of performance and ease of use with a fully modernized simulation engine that enables particles to behave more naturally, with real physical forces working together without limitation. In other words, yes, Air and Bounce are finally working together – but it's much more than that. Wait until you try out the new air turbulence controls. We've seamlessly combined this with the artistic control you've come to expect, with creative overrides of real-world physics like the new Velocity Over Life control.

And then there are the new flocking / swarm controls. You just have to see this stuff in action.


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