MARGARET, Anna Paquin, 2011. ph: Myles Aronowitz/TM and copyright ©Fox Searchlight. All rights reserved./Courtesy Everett Collection
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Now is your chance to bask in all three hours of the troubled 2011 film starring Anna Paquin, which is hailed as a masterpiece by many.

MARGARET, Anna Paquin, 2011. Phone: Myles Aronowitz / TM and Copyright © Fox Searchlight. All rights reserved. / Courtesy of the Everett Collection

Fox Searchlight / Courtesy Everett Collection

It's 2021, and with we're still all stuck inside, there's nothing quite like basking in over three hours of Kenneth Lonergan's expanded cut of "Margaret," which many claim is a forgotten masterpiece. Supported by a difficult post-production story – Martin Scorsese himself stepped in to provide an edit in the last hour – the final version of Lonergan's cinematic Bildungsroman was previously only available on DVD. The extended cut can now be streamed as a bonus feature for the two and a half hour theatrical version on HBO Max.

Mostly, Margaret is about coming to terms with the fact that you are only the center of your own universe and not someone else's, and it stars Anna Paquin in a career-best performance as die-hard teen Lisa. She is a high school student who flirts with her math teacher (Matt Damon), defies her stage actress, single mother Joan (J. Smith-Cameron), and eventually causes a fatal bus accident involving Mark Ruffalo as the driver and Allison Janney as a pedestrian in the crosshairs. The incident sends Lisa on an occasionally destructive existential journey that explores the topography of New York after September 11th (captured by Ryszard Lenczewski in a weathered glory) as well as its inner life.



The cast also includes Jeannie Berlin as the surviving best friend of Allison Janney's character, Jean Reno as the stunning advertiser immersed in Joan's life, Matthew Broderick as Lisa's English teacher, John Gallagher Jr. as the poor juice who chases Lisa's thorny heart, as well as Kieran Culkin and even director Lonergan himself as Lisa's father. While “Margaret” would initially remain a sore point for Lonergan, it was brought back to theaters in early 2012 after a catastrophic, limited run in 2011 thanks to a critical wave at the grassroots level. A few years later, Lonergan won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for his film "Manchester by the Sea".

Lonergan is reluctant to refer to this version of "Margaret" as "Director's Cut" per se, as he told IndieWire back in 2012 when "Margaret" received the DVD release.

"To me," Director's Cut "means that what was previously released was someone else's cut. It always means to me that what was released was not what the director wanted," Lonergan said at the time. "That just didn't happen. The cut that was published was the cut that I supplied. They are both the Director & # 39; s Cut. It's just different cuts. One of them was simply free from the pressures of worrying about time. "

Both the theatrical version and the extended cut of "Margaret" can now be streamed on HBO Max.

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