Matt Damon’s Best Independent Movie Scenes

Cambridge, Massachusetts born actor Matt Damon has shown talent from the start its early days As an acting student on his first major hiatus in Mystic Pizza in 1998. While Damon's acting career may have started off a little slowly in the early days, Damon has stared in over 79 films today, and has won countless awards for some of his films, the latest being the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in The Martian (2016), a People & # 39; s Choice Award for Favorite Actor (2008), and one of his older but most acclaimed awards is the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay (1998), in which Damon did the Co-wrote the script for the film and stared at it.

While Damon is most prominently featured in action films, his diverse acting skills have made him appear in a number of other films ranging from drama, science fiction, and comedy. Below are some of the top scenes Damon has featured over the years.

The talented Mr. Ripley – 1999

In this dark thriller by Patricia HighsmithDamon faced one of his greatest challenges early in his acting career when he played a psychotic chameleon struggling with aspects of his identity. The film was considered one of the most stylish film creations of the late 90s, in which its viewers are brought to the glamorous Italian Riviera. However, the scenes were juxtaposed with the devious young character Tom Ripley, who whirled the audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions as he slipped in and out of various personalities.

Why did Damon get the lead? On this question, author and director Anthony Minghella explained that Damon had a warmth, generosity, and credibility that allowed the audience to connect with the character, just enough to follow him through his psychotic episodes. As a highly complex character, Minghella went through a grueling foreplay process, in which even Leonardo DiCaprio turned down the role before Damon asked for it. One of the things that caught Minghella's attention was that Damon was also a screenwriter in which his previous work "Good Will Hunting" was enough to reassure him that Damon could think about the character on a deeper level.

The film grossed over $ 130 million at the box office and was up for a whopping five Academy Award nominations. At over 20 years old, the film is still a huge hit and one of Damon's most famous titles.

Rounders – 1998

In what is considered one of the best Poker movies Matt Damon plays the loyal but nervous Mike McDermott as a talented young poker player. The first scene opens with an unfortunate incident where Mike loses his $ 30,000 bankroll in a tense game of Texas Hold'em. After this event, Mike decides to stop playing poker and stick to his law degree, influenced by his love interest in staying on the straight. That all changes, however, when his childhood friend is released from jail and convinces Mike to start playing again to help him get out of debt.

The film offers us a rare glimpse into the poker underworld with tense scenes that captivate the audience from the start. As in The Talented Mr Riplet, Damon captivates viewers from the start with his brilliant morals and innocence that support him well for the rest of the film.

Saving Private Ryan – 1998

Directed by the famous Steven Spielberg War drama stood out once in the past two decades; Received a total of 11 Oscar nominations and received five. While playing a small role, Damon left a strong emotional impact as he played the role of a heartbroken soldier who remained determined after losing his brothers in the war, with what he called "the only brothers he left." had "to stay on the battlefield. . The closing scenes show Damon, much older and with a family, visiting the grave of "Miller", a fellow soldier and brother. Here Damon makes a powerful greeting, leaving the audience with a lump in the throat as the heartache echoes from Damon's character.

It is a real tear of tears but still one of Damon's best accomplishments and well worth a watch.

Good Will Hunting – 1997

Damon not only played a leading role in Chasing goodwillHe was also a screenwriter in which the film was adapted from one of Damon's early works that he submitted to college. An arrogant but restless genius, Damon once again managed to charm audiences in another complex character role that led to his growing fame.

Critics commented This hunt for goodwill was incredibly fun, but also quietly devastating, in which Damon delivered a groundbreaking feat.

Overall, Damon has had quite a career to look back on, at the age of 50 being able to testify that over the years he has stared into a variety of genres and some pretty challenging roles.

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