Maverick' Fit 6 IMAX-Quality Cameras into a Single Cockpit

Top Gun: Maverick may use our nostalgia for 80s action films, but his cinematography comes from the future thanks to some amazing new cameras.

We have been waiting for Top Gun to continue since 1986. So what's waiting a year? The film was postponed until next summer, but in a recent interview, Joseph Kosinski spoke about the completion of post-production and the revolutionary cameras they used to hold the crew in flight.

Kosinski said to Collider: "The technology that makes filmmaking more practical excites me the most. At Top Gun, together with Sony, we developed an IMAX-quality camera that is about the size. [Gestures] And only 2 inches." We were therefore able to mount six of them in the cockpit and four outside of the aircraft. In this case, we use technology to capture something real instead of having to create it on a sound stage. That was one of the things that I was very happy about when I actually got into the project. "

Of course, we have to see this film on the largest possible screen to appreciate the artistic level of these bold recordings.

Does the footage from the trailer look sharp? It was because they used a 6K camera to collect many of the shots. They also used a sensor that is not widely used in Hollywood to show the speed of the jets.

Kosinski added: "It is a 6K camera. It is 6,000 pixels wide. It is a large-format sensor that is larger than a 35 mm sensor. It is like Cinemascope, I think it is the comparable film size. The real technological breakthrough is that the sensor can be separated from the recorder. When you look at a digital camera, the only thing that captures the image is the first inch of the camera. Everything behind it is power and recording and cooling. With this Sony Camera called Sony Venice, you can buy a version where these two parts are connected by a fiber optic cable, so the sensor can sit with a very small lens in a very tight space or directly in front of the actor four of them pointing to the actor on Top Gun and the recorders could be hidden in the jet's storage rooms, so you can place something that is normally only suitable for a GoPro et is. Now you can place an IMAX quality camera here. And in this case six of them, so that we can cover these sequences with multiple cameras, so that you can cut an entire scene by working with just these six angles. For me it was our technological breakthrough in this film. It's just fun to work when you have everything in the camera. "

It's really a shame to have to wait to see this stuff. As much as I miss Tony Scott, I think Kosinski is a worthy successor who definitely has the style and vision to carry this franchise into the next century. Cruise, who repeats his role, this time as a teacher, gives me the feeling that we are prepared for a change of guard to continue building this story.

It will be fun to see what other nuggets about history and production will be revealed next year.

Are you waiting for Top Gun: Maverick?

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