Max Cooper
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Director and video artist Yoshi Sodeoka in New York: “Lately I have done a lot of audio-reactive generative work with a technique based on reaction diffusion. I realized that the pulsating rhythmic structure of "Spike" makes it a perfect audio track to synchronize with a visual improvisation about the impulse and development of imaginary microorganisms.

“The graphic was created from a few seeds of graphic and audio information that were animated and then mutated through automatic video feedback. Feedback generates more feedback, organizes itself, and is generated forever unless directed to stop. As with evolutionary processes in nature, it is often unpredictable and uncontrollable to create the images this way.

“This work is neither a metaphor for the processes of the earth nor an illustration of Max's music. I would like to see it as a way to face contagion and break free from lockdown, a vivid journey into a colorful inner terrain of image and sound. "

Artist: Max Cooper
Director: Yoshi Sodeaoka


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