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Swedish director team Againstallodds grasp tightly for your tear duct triggers with both hands and return to the Christmas season with a heartbreaking CG narrative for McDonalds about Passion Pictures and Leo Burnett.

Powered by a soft cover of Alphaville's 1984 hit "Forever Young" by British singer / songwriter Becky Hill, the spot is the latest in Againstallodd's series of victories that turn pixels into emotion. See video evidence here, here, and here.

Passion Pictures: “We are producing the Christmas film #ReindeerReady for McDonalds for the second time with the Leo Burnett agency. The film tells the story of Tom as he half-heartedly walks through the moves of his Christmas traditions with his mother, hanging up decorations and attending the Christmas market while busy on his phone.

"However, as soon as you stop by the McDonalds to pick up that bag of Reindeer Treats, Tom finally listens to his inner child and finds his Christmas spirit."

MC Donalds

MC Donalds

MC Donalds

Client: McDonalds

Agency: Leo Burnett
Producer: Graeme Light
Creative: Steph Ellis and Rory Hall
Executive Creative Directors: Chaka Sobhani

Production: Passion Pictures
Director: Gegenallodds
Executive Producer: Debbie Crosscup
Production Manager: Mike Turoff
Producer: Matt Saxton
Production assistant: Ehre Martin, Nefeli Petika
CG coordinators: Emma Rider
Head of CG: Jason Nicholas
CG Supervisor: Stuart Hall
Animation Supervisor: Wesley Coman
Character design: Gegenallodds, Juan Useche
Background design: Alejandro Diaz, Jules Durand
Conceptual Art R&D: Ronnie Mitchell, Nefeli Petika, Honor Martin
Boardomatic / Animatic: Gegenallodds
Previz: George Rigby, Wesley Coman
Editing: Againstallodds, Kingley Bailey, Christina Conradi, Tim King
Layout: David Burtle, Jason Nicolas
Modeling: Mattias Bjurstrom, Filippo Bovolini, Florent Rousseau, Jack Enever, Maryka Laudet, Quentin Camus and Camille Jalabert
Texturing: James Nardelli, Maryka Laudet, Quentin Camus, Camille Jalabert, Fanny Teisson, interference pattern, Jack Enever, Francois Pons
Texturing characters: Eva Prado
Rigging: Victor Vinyalls, Arthur Ranson, Sarah Forest
Hairdresser: Keyvan Leriche
Animation: Wesley Coman, George Rigby, Alan Person, Lucas Pratdesaba, Francisco Garcia, Jordi Girones
SFX & Sim: Colin Perrett, Kwai Ip, Derlene Buttner, Tyler Daniells and Stephane Daguin
Lighting and rendering: Howard Bell, Jose Hernandez, François Pons, Ian Beresford, Stuart Hall
Putting it together: Sam Meisels, Daniel Lopez, Flavio Kawamoto
Matt / background painting: Sam Klughertz
Pipeline TD: Tony Ambles, Javier Edo
It supports: Tim Wharton, Daniel Borg, Thomas Lynch

Post Production Services: Framestore


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