How to convert PNG to WebP, Benefits of WebP format
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We share so many things on the internet. What concerns us with these releases is the loss of quality of the file. This happens especially with pictures. A good quality high definition image is bulkier and difficult to transmit. Reducing the size leads to a loss of image quality. Then how can one approach this problem?

WebP is the modern image format of the new age, with which the user can compress the images and keep them in the highest quality on the web. With WebP you can compress your images lossless and lossy.

Traditional methods of reducing PNG image size:

Before WebP, some traditional methods dominated this domain. These compression tools are convenient to use, but they reduce image quality. Here are some traditional methods that are regularly used to reduce PNG image size.

1.Using Photoshop by re-saving PNG to JPG / JPEG:

Adobe Photoshop is often used to compress the size of the PNG image by converting it to JPG. However, the JPG is in the lossy compression form. The quality of the picture is not 100% what it was when you started. Lossy compression degrades the image quality, but remains close to the actual image like a sketch. Photoshop allows you to adjust the dimensions of the images to reduce the resolution.

To do this, press "Ctrl-Alt-I". The command opens the Image Size dialog box. In this field, select the “Resample Image” from the drop-down menu. Enter the reduced dimensions in the appropriate fields. Then save the picture as jpg under a different or the same name.

2.Using online tools like Tinypng:

There is no need to download any software if you want to reduce the image size. There are many options available online that will allow you to reduce the size of the image for free.

Websites like Tiny-png are great choices if you want to compress an image right away. These websites reduce the image size using lossy compression methods. Your image quality will not be completely degraded and the size will be reduced by 50-80%. All you have to do is upload the image and hit enter. The online tool does magic and gives you satisfactory results.

Use the WebP image format by converting PNG to WebP:

With advanced technology, you don't have to compromise on degraded images every time you release or compress. Just use the WebP image format to compress your images without compromising their quality. WebP has both lossy and lossless compression formats that reduce image size by up to 35% compared to the JPG format.


WebP is the newest image formatting tool. It has gained popularity because it does not affect the quality of the image when it is compressed. A WebP converter can be used to convert your PNG images to WebP format. Here I recommend that you can use this WebP Converter Online.

This way, you not only reduce the size of the image, but also get the actual quality. The WebP converter reconstructs the image with the new pixels exactly as it was displayed at the beginning. This means that no information is lost and your image quality is preserved.

free WebP converter online for PNG files


The WebP converter is simply the perfect choice if you use image conversion regularly. This is a 100% free converter that allows you to convert up to 30 images in a single upload. You don't have to worry about your personal information being compromised. The best thing about the WebP converter is that none of the images are uploaded or stored on the main server. This is a very quick way to convert your images with ease.

With the offline version, you don't need a solid internet connection either. All you have to do is upload the images and let the conversion begin. It works perfectly with Windows as well as Mac software. The WebP converter allows you to convert images from PNG / JPG to WebP and vice versa.

To summarize something:

It's time to bring Adios to those old, rusty image converters that are taking a significant chunk of your time just to produce sub-par quality results. Switch to the WebP converter and experience that the image compression is of the highest quality.


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