How to increase the image size without losing quality
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Images can be small or large. Large images are preferred to small images because larger images have better quality. In the past, pixels became out of focus when people tried to enlarge the images. This made it impossible to enlarge the images. People could zoom the pictures, but after zooming in, it was impossible to get better quality. Image enlargements have been introduced to address this problem.

What is AI Image Enlarger?

AI image enlarger is a program that allows you to increase the resolution of images online without losing quality. Image quality is the main thing here. This has been made possible through the use of advanced machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence technologies. Artificial intelligence software introduces millions of images to learn color patterns. Now the software can see which gradient and which color to use to improve the image quality.

It is very easy and fast to scale images with the AI ​​Image Enlarger without getting pixelation or fuzzy output.

how to use ai image enlarger

How to increase the image size online with the AI ​​image enlarger – step by step:

Using the online AI image enlarger is easy. The entire process of increasing online image resolution can be broken down into four main steps. By following these steps, you can increase the size of an image without losing quality. It supports the JPG, JPEG and PNG formats.


To start the process, you need to select the image you want to enlarge. You need to remember the location of the picture. This makes it easy for you to find the image you save on your computer. You also need an internet connection.

Upload Image:

After preparing your system, you need to upload the image to the AI ​​Image Enlarger official website. Press the selection option to upload images. A new window opens in which you can scroll and select the image you want to enlarge.

Enlarge image:

In this step the image is uploaded and you decide how much quality and size you want to improve. You can simply click the enlarge button after selecting the setting you want. This enlarges the image and the artificial intelligence software behind the website decides which gradient should be improved so that your image quality is not disturbed. The software can decide which image the software will look at to improve quality by introducing the material type. In this process you can increase the resolution of the image.


This is the last step since the upscale image is already enlarged and you only have to decide where you want to keep the images. You can simply click on the download and the image will be downloaded to your system. Depending on the browser setting, the download location may vary.

The advantages of using AI Image Enlarger:

The use of the artificially intelligent image enlarger offers many advantages.

1. Cost:

The first benefit is free. You won't pay anything or give your credit card information to upscale images. However, if you need more features to increase photo size, there are different plans with different aspects.

2. Quality:

The second most important aspect of an image enlarger is the image enlargement with quality. This is important because the other software without artificial intelligence significantly affects the image quality. So if you increase the image size online, the output will be output without Pixelation and blur. All thanks to machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence technologies.

Enlarge image without pixelation

3. Speed:

This software is fast, so you get results instantly and don't have to wait long to get the results you want. You can upload and enlarge one picture at a time. In this way you can enlarge several images and thus significantly improve the quality of your work.

4. Security:

Security is an important consideration when trying to improve images on the Internet. You may be afraid that the images will be shared on social media. This is not the case with this website because it has an encrypted system in which your image is not saved. The system automatically deletes your images after enlarging them and prevents this search engines from the listing.


If we look at this advanced technology, we can understand that this is the best option available to increase photo size.

Since it is free and the results are immediately available, we can recommend this to anyone as it offers high quality image enlargements. The quality of the images enlarged with the AI ​​image enlarger is so great that others think that these images are taken directly by a professional camera. The free version offers options to change the image size online by scaling 2x, 4x and 8x.

If you upload poor quality images to your website, people will not be loyal to your website. You should always increase the resolution of the image before uploading it to your website.


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