How to create a video collage with pictures and audio
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Would you like to give your photos an extra flair so that they are a little more exciting and worth sharing? Then you need to create a video collage of all the pictures you want to share. This way, your viewers will get a video where they can see every photo in a short amount of time. A collage is a series of images that are put together in a more appealing way.

When you create a collage for your photos, the viewer's perspective changes. Instead of looking at just one picture, you are now viewing a series of photos. This increases visual interest. If you're having a birthday party, anniversary party, or baby shower, a video collage is the perfect way to set the joyous tone of the party.

Today we are going to show you how to create a video collar by yourself in minutes without the need for video editor software and a video editor professional.

How do I create a video collage from your photos?

Step 1:

First you need to go on the internet and search for that Image to video maker online. Once you get the search results from the search engine, select one of them and click on its website.

Step 2:

Now you need to choose the files and pictures that you want to present in your video collage. Once you have selected the photos to import on the website, each image will be displayed on the website after the upload is complete for use as per your requirements.

Step 3:

The first thing that will affect your video is the template you choose. So take the time to choose the template as once you select it, you will not be able to replace it. The other way to replace a video template is to create a new project.

There are several templates online and you can easily search through them all. However, you need to find the template that suits all of your needs. One pro tip we'd like to give you is always to find a template with light background colors. If possible, change the background color to light colors so that your photos contrast better with the background.

Step 4:

After you've successfully selected the template, it's time to add the images to your video timeline. In most cases, creating an online video collage is a simple drag and drop process. You can add pictures of if you want Online free and paid artwork websites like Getty Images, Pixabay, etc.

When adding your photos to the video timeline, make sure they are in the correct chronological order. This way, the viewers will have a much better experience and the video will be edited more professionally.

Step – 5:

Now here's where the fun part starts. You have uploaded all of your images to the timeline. Now is the time to edit those photos. Yes, you may need to tweak, crop a little, rotate, change color, and add filters to your images. These tools are available in the online video editors. You need to use them to make your video more cohesive.

With just one click, you can enlarge or halve the size of your photos using the built-in scaling slider. This is also your last chance to make changes to the collage layout. Here you can adjust the layout and see what it looks like in a preview.

One thing to keep in mind is not to go overboard with image editing. Nobody wants to see over-processed images that you've used too many filters on.

Step – 6:

Finally, you need to finish your video creation and now the only thing left is the audio. A video is not complete without audio. Many online video editors offer this free audio samples with their video template, but if you have something special like a message or narrative that you want to play alongside the picture collage. You should upload it to the website and place it on the video timeline.

Step – 7:

When everything is done, go ahead and preview your video and see if everything is in sync or not. You will need to watch the entire video a few times before you can download it to your computer from the website.

Once the video has been downloaded, you will not be able to make any changes to it. So it is better to check the duplicate and make changes if necessary. One of the most common mistakes many people make is not being able to sync the video and audio together. Check your video thoroughly and tweak the sync if necessary.

Tips for creating a better video collage:

  • First before you convert yours Pictures to videoThink about the pattern you want to insert your pictures into the video. You need to visualize a story using your video. You can choose images with the same colors or similar storefront textures.
  • Try to deal with the negative space. The negative space is just an empty background around the main subject of the picture.
  • Whenever you are making a collage, be sure to include some text based on the images in your video.
  • Keep the format and color scheme of your images throughout the video. This means keeping your photos in the same horizontal and vertical orientation from start to finish for better immersion.
  • Lastly, if you don't have audio for your video collage, you can download free audio samples online. However, make sure your video has background music as the video will get boring if you don't have background music. Or, you can prepare a narration to perform while the video is playing.


In this way, you can make videos from your photos and make them more memorable and exciting. So, make the best picture collage for your friend's birthday party and make him feel special on his day.


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