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The video for Andy Shauf's song "Clove Cigarette" is an amazing amalgamation of fantasy, LiDAR, Point Clouds and Unreal Engine. Co-directors Colin Medley, Jared Raab and technical director Luca Tarantini shared their “production process with No Film School and discussed how the pandemic forced (them) to think outside the box”. Watch the video and read an excerpt here. Then follow the link to read the full article.

Excerpt from "How we turned this music video into a full technical dream with the help of LiDAR, Point Clouds and Unreal Engine":

We talked about animated point clouds early on because we were thinking about using the Kinect to maybe record Andy live or something. But before we ever got this to work, we ran some tests on a silent, picturesque scene with no animation, with beautiful lighting and the camera just floating through it, and we figured that was enough. That was all we needed. So we didn't pursue the animation any further. We had encountered this creative limitation that we relied on instead of struggling. Just tableaus and lighting and graceful cinematography.


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