Midweek Motivation: Top 10 Title Sequences of 2020 - Art of the Title

At the end of 2020, Art of the Title looks back on the top 10 best title sequences of the year. They are all very unique and creative. Is your favorite on the list?

Top 10 title sequences of 2020

The panel selected this year's top titles from film, television, video games, web series, events and conferences. These title sequences have been carefully animated, painted, composed, illustrated, torn and pasted, rotated, performed and set by teams large and small around the world. state-of-the-art facilities and in home studios.

See the top 10 under Art of the Title

I'm going to show some of these here, but to see the rest you need to go to Art of the Title by clicking the link above. There are also some honorable mentions.

10. Between the world and me

Created by Elastic

Main title "Between the World and Me" from Elastic on Vimeo.

Elastic also had a top ten title sequence in 2019.

6. Little America

Created by Teddy Blanks, CHIPS

The title sequence for each episode of Little America was different, but the style was the same, reminiscent of visions of small-town America.

5. The good Lord's bird

Created by King and Country, LLC

Showtime – The Good Lord Bird main title from King and Country on Vimeo.

Lively red, yellow and black tones in the woodcut style are reminiscent of the stark realities of the time in which this series takes place.

See the rest under Art of the Title


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