Midweek Motivations: Panic Room #18 - Rebirth
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House of Panic, a VFX house from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, created this title sequence and title for an annual event called the Panic Room. Kim Taylor developed the concept and led the project as well as rendering and assembling the 3D. Kim used Redshift, Cinema 4D, Maya, and ZBrush to create the titles for the 18th edition of the event this year.

Maxon's Paul Babb interviewed Kim Taylor. Be sure to read the interview about the project on the Redshift blog. Taylor talks about The Panics, the Panic Room Event and of course the creation of the Rebirth titles. Check it out here and check out the storyboards.

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Cinema 4D S22 compatibility

Maxon Cinema S22 Compatibility – The Definitive List

We're excited to release Maxon Cinema 4D S22, the first subscription-only version. But as with any larger version, the compatibility issue comes into play. The developers are working hard to ensure that everything works smoothly with the new S22 version.

We have compiled a list of products and information to keep you updated on plug-ins and product compatibility.

Maxon Cinema S22 compatibility


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