Mini Tutorial Resource pack - Real Time VFX
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This package contains modules and functions that are useful when working in Niagara. Especially the modules that I showed in my mini tutorials.

For future tutorials I will also try to update this package and refer you to this post to get the final result of the tutorial.

I will also update the package with fixes and adjustments.


Unzip the zip file and paste the "MiniTutorialPack" folder into your project content folder.


If you have any requirements for adding functionality to the package please let me know on this thread.

If you want to make a mini tutorial and add the package to your modules, please send me a private message.


Below is a brief breakdown of the contents of the pack.


NearSurfaceSpawn: Attempts to create particles on surfaces.
Particle Position: Sets the position to the position of another particle. Useful for trails etc …
SphereConstraint: Restricts the particle so that it stays near a point.
SplineLocation: Specifies the position at a position on a spline.
WeaponTrail, WeaponTrailEmitter: Specifies the ribbon parameters to align the ribbon between two sockets.


Distance: Wrapper for the length between two vec3.


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