Mini Tutorial Resource pack - Real Time VFX
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Mini tutorial resource pack update.

DOWNLOAD : You can download the package from the link in the first post of this thread.


Grid constraint ::

Allows you to align particles with a specific grid. This is ideal for creating voxel and tech effects.

By default, the module outputs an output in Particles.gridposition. Therefore, make sure that you change your position binding to this parameter.

If you've enabled motion blur in your project settings, you'll also want to change your speed binding to Vec3 (0,0,0).

MaintainSpriteSizeOverDistance: Keeps your sprite particles the same size regardless of distance. Useful when particles should always be small and still visible from a distance.

Some useful float curves have been added. You can find them by clicking the Import drop-down list and looking for NCurve

Fade in: linear 0-1 curve
Fadout: Linear 1: 0 curve
Flicker: Linear sawtooth curve with a slight change in height, useful for flickering particles
Sin: You can call sin (Engine.Time) for a correct sine. However, this is pretty close and sometimes easier to use. (for times when it doesn't really matter)
SmoothInOut: BellCurve, useful for particles that need to be faded in and out without a visible transition.

For more information, see the first post.


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