‘Monster Hunter’ Takes Top Spot at Box Office Over ‘Croods: A New Age’
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On a weekend when multiple films typically open, the total of all titles appears to be less than $ 9 million.

In the cinemas it looks anything but like Christmas. On a weekend that typically opens several films, including some of the greatest hits of all time (including "Titanic", "Avatar", "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"), the total of all titles seems to be under $ 9 million Dollar to lie.

The top film this weekend has cost more than $ 100 million at times and typically at least $ 50 million. This despite the usual competition of pre-holiday events vying for attention.

It also includes the release of big films, more than 4,000 cinemas with the biggest hits, and the absence of a pandemic that kills more than 3,000 people every day. This year it looks different: Less than 40 percent of the theaters are open, 150 fewer than last weekend.

With this, “Monster Hunter” (Sony) took first place this year with 2.2 million US dollars in 1,736 cinemas. From experienced genre maven Paul W.S. Anderson, who starred (and wife) Resident Evil, Milla Jovovich, is a film that typically uses an off-week or Labor Day winter to attract action fans and maximize interest with less competition.



This year, they got to the heart of the low-profile part. But unlike the titles in its successful "Resident" franchise, which have always opened to over $ 10 million, sometimes doubling or more and then bringing in substantial overseas premiums, this will not be repeated here. The video game-based film cost around $ 60 million, adding to the deficit. Early overseas returns (including a disastrous, drawn Chinese raid on perceived racism) so far have come to little more than $ 10 million.

Could this have done better as a premium video on demand or streaming release? Impossible to say, and of course, based on the current acceptance of the windows by theaters, it might show up soon. But that is a terrible result. Predicting earnings is unscientific these days, but $ 4 million seemed like a reasonable guess of a weak but understandable result. The result is barely half of that.

"Monster Hunter" overshadowed the other film and took the opportunity – a generous description of the current situation. That was "Fatale" (Lionsgate), a variation of "Fatal Attraction" with Hilary Swank. The company opened in 1,107 locations and had sales of $ 925,000. Did this make more sense than going straight home? This will become more apparent when these results can be analyzed later.

Premium VOD access for "The Croods: A New Age" (Universal) probably cost the first place on DreamWorks Animation's release. The 35 percent decrease was modest, but a number of family-oriented library titles saw small, if any, declines that weekend. This suggests that it could have done better without the competition. The film also lost 209 theaters, some due to reluctance to agree to home availability dates a week earlier than originally planned. Universal made it to the top, presumably in connection with "Soul" (Disney) and "Wonder Woman 1984" (Warner Bros.), which will soon be available to subscribers for free on their studios' streaming sites. ("Croods" is $ 19.99 for a two day rental).

That was the same decline as with "The War With Grandpa" (101), the longer running comedy that clicked before the last releases. That also showed up on VOD this week (at $ 14.99).

"News from all over the world"


Only three of this week's top 10 are unavailable for viewing at home (under VOD and streaming options). One of them ("Half Brothers" / Focus) was added to this option this week. There are three major theater-only releases next Friday. "News of the World" (Universal), "Promising Young Woman" (Focus) and "Pinocchio" (Roadside Attractions) open in theaters and on HBO Max along with the release of "Wonder Woman 1984". This result is one of the most anticipated of the year.

Patty Jenkins' film initially opened in 32 territories at under $ 40 million, about half in China. This comes in roughly halfway through the original film. How much of that is COVID-related? With its female leadership, it wasn't as successful overseas in 2017 as it was domestically (stocks were the same) and as a continuation of a holiday without much competition (except in China where it landed in second place) it doesn't sound good, however, with more locations open and the actual holiday begins, this is only a first setting.

The top 10

1. Monster Hunter (Sony) NEW – Metacritical: 42; European summer time. Budget: $ 60 million

$ 2,200,000 in 1,736 theaters; PTA (per theater average): $ 1,267; Accumulated: $ 2,200,000

2. The Croods: A New Age (Universal) week 4; Last weekend # 1; also available on Premium VOD

$ 2,000,000 (-35%) in 1,906 theaters (-209); PTA: $ 1,049; Accumulated: USD 27,030,000

3. Fatalities (Lionsgate) NEW – Metacritical: 43

$ 925,000 in 1,107 theaters; PTA: $ 836; Cumulative: $ 925,000

4th eleven (Warner Bros.) REISSUE – Last Weekend # 3; also available on VOD

$ 400,000 (approx.) (no change) in 555 theaters (-82); PTA: $ 1,045; Accumulated: (Adjusted) $ 267,300,000

5th half-brothers (Focus) week 3; Last weekend # 2

$ 260,000 (-47%) in 846 theaters (-540); PTA: USD 307; Accumulated: $ 1,797,000

6. The Polar Express (Disney) REISSUE – Last Weekend # 7; also available on VOD

$ 225,000 (-8%) (approx.) in 440 theaters (-51); PTA: USD 511; Accumulated: (Adjusted) $ 285,700,000

7. National Lampoon Christmas Vacation (Warner Bros.) REISSUE – Last Weekend # 6; also available on VOD

$ 220,000 (-8%) (approx.) in 487 theaters (-47); PTA: $ 452; Accumulated: $ 168,600,000 (adjusted)

8. The war with grandpa (101) week 10; Last weekend # 6; also available on Premium VOD

$ 170,000 (-34%) in 803 theaters (-277); PTA: $ 212; Cumulative: 18,187,000 USD

9. Freaky (Universal) week 6; Last weekend # 4; also available on Premium VOD

$ 165,000 (-48%) in 561 theaters (-674); PTA: $ 294; Accumulated: $ 8,500,000

10. How the Grinch stole Christmas (Universal) REISSUE – Last Weekend # 16; also available on Netflix

$ 120,000 (-8%) in 217 theaters (-57); PTA: USD 553; Accumulated: $ 451,300,000 (adjusted)

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