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Evan Abrams is everywhere this week! Evan speaks to motion design superstar Emonee LaRussa via the motion design hotline.

Motion Design Hotline is back! We have a very special guest, Emonee LaRussa. Multiple Emmy Award winner. Director of high quality lyric videos. Founder of the global studio Pamanama Studios. An absolute champion and rising star in motion design and we are so happy to have her with us!

Evan Abrams tutorials

Simple face rig with master properties in Adobe After Effects

Evan C Abrams uses the master properties on the Basic Graphics tab in After Effects to reuse elements in this simple pumpkin face rig. Here are some great tips.

Check out the tutorial

    After Effects: Animate Shape Layer Arms & Legs (EASY)

After Effects: Animate Shape Layer Arms & Legs (EASY)

Says Evan Abrams, "Don't strain yourself, lightly animate your arms and legs with shape layers. All it takes is a few keyframes and the right sorting. In this After Effects tutorial, we're going to animate the arms and legs of a simple character. And it sees." actually looks good. Unlike me. Who really looks out of shape. "

Check out the tutorial

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