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Weapon FX
I had to take a break on the projectile because our vertical cut is due this Friday.
I would like to continue updating the Projectile FX as we enter the next phase of game development.

This is the weapon I've been working on for the past three days.
The first (most left) are for our parasitic weapon.
The second (second from left) are for our mature weapons.
The third (second from the right) are for our rotten weapons.
The fourth (far right) are for our sharp weapons.

Honestly, I wasn't given much except the base color and the name of the gun, so I tried my best to figure out what to go for.

These must match our current 10 different weapons. I made variants for all FX so that there are both short and long weapons.

I appreciate all feedback, but I can probably only make new changes to these effects when we move on to the next development phase : mild_smile:

Guns from

This is an artist I am working with in a group at my university and who has agreed that their Artstation accounts and works will be shown here.


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