Community Game Nights - Real Time VFX
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Ariiiiiise thread of the dead! Times have indeed gotten dark since we last spoke. Halloween is just around the corner and with it a new Community Game Night!

Visit us on Saturday, October 31st. (6:00 p.m. CET) in the Discord Lounge to play scary games and do business. The last time we did one of these we played for a couple of hours, then we did some portfolio reviews and a stream of tips and tricks. We will go where the night takes us.

In the past we've played Overwatch and Fortnite. Games suggested for this game are Age Of Empires 2: DE, Among Us, Golf with Your Friends, and a totally reliable delivery service.

Everyone is welcome to come up with their own suggestions and we'll play what is most fun at this point. You can of course join in even if you don't want to play or if you don't have the games. Just hang out and chat with fellow vfxers.

See you there!


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