Redbreast Irish Whiskey commercial by Neil Stubbings
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From Jelly London: “Neil Stubbings was invited by creative agency The Public House to capture the essence of Redbreast's popular whiskey and usher in a new era of high-spirited communication for the brand.

“Neil was given the job of bringing to life the lively, funny robin, which – like Redbreast – is meticulously crafted.

“Neil gave our cheeky little robin a subtle wood grain – a reminder of the brand's quality and craftsmanship and a subtle nod to the same barrel wood that helps make Redbreast so unique.

“The robin was also given a bold color scheme that works well with the lighting to give it extra dimension and weight, along with shiny and fairly lifelike eyes.

“The main priority with this character design was not to divert attention from his facial features. This is how Neil would convey most of the robin's messages.

“Neil animated the robin in a digital stop-motion style, which means that it simulates the analog style of traditional single-frame stop-motion techniques.

“This type of animation gives us a warm and charming, non-digital appearance. It gave him a sense of energy and an unexpected sense of movement, much like that of a real bird in the wild.

"This approach also allows a lot more imagination and creative integrity when it comes to getting it to fly so that the viewer doesn't expect realistic, anatomically correct bird movement."

Client: Pernod Ricard / Irish Distillers

Agency: the public house
CD: Jarrod Banadyga
Head of Design: Eimear O’Sullivan
Designer: Rudy Godfrey
Copywriters: Jarrod Banadyga, Enda Mac Nally and Barry Taylor
Producer: Steve Battle

Production: jelly
Directed by Neil Stubbings
EP: Sue Loughlin
Producer: Laura Thomas
DOP: Aidan Gibbons
Camera assistant: Cristobal Infante
Sound designer: Marian Mentrup

Voice: Tadhg Hickey


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