Netflix Corporate Headquarters in Los Gatos California Usa 20 August 2015 Netflix is an American Provider of On-demand Streaming Media and Dvd-by Mail Content to Viewers in North America Australia New Zealand South American and Parts of Europe United States Los GatosUsa Netflix Corporate Headquarters - Aug 2015
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Actors in around a dozen Netflix series are reported to receive their minimum guarantees, and the list is likely to grow as more productions are affected.

Netflix corporate headquarters in Los Gatos, California, USA, August 20, 2015. Netflix is ​​an American provider of on-demand streaming media and DVD-via-mail content for viewers in North America, Australia, New Zealand, South America and in parts Europe. USA Los GatosUsa Netflix corporate headquarters - Aug 2015

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Netflix may have been forced to discontinue production on virtually all upcoming TV shows, but the ongoing pandemic is not preventing the company from paying actors who have been affected by the production downtimes.

Deadline reported that Netflix has started paying actors for shows affected by production downtime. Actors in series who are filming or wanting to go into production receive their minimum guarantees, ie the amounts of money that the actors are contractually obliged to receive. The publication found that the initial wave would affect about a dozen series, and that the list would likely grow as more shows hit the show as the outbreak hit.

It's unclear whether Netflix has paid people affected by Deadline in the meantime between the first shutdowns and the new report. It is also unclear which series will be affected by the decision or the total financial cost of the move. A company spokesman has not returned a comment request.



Deadline also reported that the actor union SAG-AFTRA was involved in Netflix's strategy. Other television studios are likely to follow in Netflix's footsteps and begin paying affected actors next week.

There is no confirmation that the actors of the following projects will be paid their minimum guarantees. The Netflix series, whose production was interrupted, include "The Witcher", "Red Notice", "Grace and Frankie" and "Stranger Things". Sources recently told IndieWire that because of the pandemic, Netflix has stopped producing all of its screenplay and television projects for at least two weeks. Production downtime is likely to be significantly longer. The company is expected to spend $ 17.3 billion on original content in 2020.

The reporting date came a few days after Netflix set up a $ 100 million fund to help employees the bottom line. Most of the fund is expected to be used for employees in Netflix's own productions.

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