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Toolfarm is proud to offer all of the DJ Swivel products. We have had the sauce and sauce samples with us for a while, but now we also offer BDE, Spread, all samples and bundles.

DJ swivel plug-ins

DJ Swivel The Sauce

Vocal Seasoner

The Sauce is a powerful multiband vocal processor with pitch and formant shifting, compression, saturation, distortion, chorus, flanger, delay, reverb, stereo imaging and filtering from Grammy Award winning producer and mixing engineer DJ Swivel.

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DJ Swivel BDEDJ Swivel BDE

Big Distortion Engine

BDE is a earth-shaking distortion plugin that offers different distortion styles, complementary effects, M / S and frequency control over the distortion effect. It also offers the world's first customizable Dynamic Retention Control feature that lets you maintain the dynamic range of any signal while applying a distortion effect.

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DJ Swivel SpreadDJ Swivel Spread

Multiband Stereo Imaging Plug-In

Spread is an intuitive all-in-one multiband stereo imaging plugin that allows you to cast your audio onto the widest and most accurate stereo image possible, with the right balance and lower phase issues, while also having great mono compatibility. Have fun spreading it!

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DJ swivel samples

DJ Swivel Saucy SamplesDJ Swivel Saucy Samples

Saucy Samples by DJ Swivel brings you over 1000 of the cheekiest drums, vocals and instrument melodies from Grammy Award winner Jordan "DJ Swivel" Young. This pack is filled with one shots and loops, both clean and processed with the revolutionary new plugin called The Sauce. Fire drums? Check. Vocal chops? Check. Instrument loops? Check. Modern? Check. Vintage? Check. Labeled with tempo and key? Check.

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DJ Swivel Kill The Dancefloor Sample PackDJ Swivel Kill The Dancefloor Sample Pack

Kill The Dancefloor Sample Pack contains 528 of the most violent, bone-breaking EDM sounds from DJ / producer Danimal and Grammy winner Jordan "DJ Swivel" Young. These samples cut right through your mix and hit the eardrums of every listener. With 309 one-shots, 25 MIDI files, and 194 loops, Kill The Dancefloor is all you need to perform your tracks at the highest level and murder the club once and for all.

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DJ Swivel Science Camp sample packageDJ Swivel Science Camp sample package

401 of the sickest drums and loops from Drake employee JOEY. and Grammy winner Jordan "DJ Swivel" Young.

With more Kelvin than the surface of the sun, the atomic energy of this pack is no longer relevant! This pack contains the hottest originally made 808s, kicks, snares, hi-hats and SFX, as well as over 200 melody and drum loops that will set the atoms in motion in your Hip Hop, R&B and Pop records.

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DJ Swivel Bundles

DJ Swivel The complete packageDJ Swivel The complete package

All plug-ins, all examples, one package

The DJ Swivel Total Package contains the plug-ins The Sauce, Spread, BDE and the sample packs Kill the Dancefloor, Science Camp and Saucy Samples.

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DJ Swivel All Plugins BundleDJ Swivel All Plugins Bundle

All plug-ins, one package

The DJ Swivel All Plugins Bundle contains The Sauce, Spread and BDE (Big Distortion Engine).

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DJ Swivel All Samples BundleDJ Swivel All Samples Bundle

All sample packages, one package

The DJ Swivel All Samples Bundle contains all 3 sample packs: Kill the Dancefloor, Science Camp and Saucy Samples.

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