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Basefount Animcraft is a 3D animation sharing and productivity application that enables you to turn animations into long-term assets and quickly deploy them to a wide variety of projects. It currently works with all bipedal signs. Quadrupedal compatibility will be available soon.

Redefine the value of animation using Animcraft

Animcraft enables stable motion transfer between bipedal characters based on keyframes and controllers, regardless of the variations in the skeleton hierarchy, rigs, figures and 3D applications. Animations become visible, manageable, and reusable elements that speed up your animation production.

Animcraft comes with an intelligent drawing and motion library, a drawing retargeting tool for importing and exporting, 3D capabilities and a real-time viewport, as well as a comprehensive format reader, writer and converter.

Support popular DCC software and follow industry standards. Seamless integration into your current pipeline.

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