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Blast through your productions with the new Cannons SX library fro BOOM Library.  This collection is packed with sounds from 15 different cannons from medieval to modern and the accompanying loading sfx, blasts, impacts, flybys, and more.

This cannonade of 15 different cannons with is the most comprehensive cannon library ever to be released on the market. High-quality, 26-channel recordings of fort-smashing bombards, high-angled mortars, 16-pounder frigate loads, and more, these cannon blasts, impacts, and flybys are indispensable components of any sound design for any film or game action sequence set in the late medieval to early modern periods. Not just for cannon blasts, they can also be used to give trailer sound design and general explosions a much heavier punch.


What we recorded

Creating such an extensive library of cannons is no easy thing. Accurate-to-the-era replicas had to be found, along with spaces that allowed the intense work that we needed to do. Luckily, the locations we found – a military base and an archery range – provided the perfect environment for our recording needs, creating the right reverb tails for any cannons featured in quality productions.

But that’s not all. In the Construction Kit, we’ve also included fly-bys and impacts.

BOOM library Cannons comes in 3 varieties: the Construction Kit, Designed, and the Bundle which includes both.  It is also included as part of the Complete BOOM Basics, Complete BOOM Ultimate, and Complete BOOM Ultimate – 3D Surround.

Cannons Construction Kit


Included in the Construction Kit is the entirety of the cannon’s action, from blast to impact. There is a huge variety of Foley recording for impact materials that could be needed in any cannon battle scenario, including water, sand, stone, rock, wood, sails, dirt, and more.

The sounds were captured on a hill-top near a forest; the natural outdoor reverb providing ultra-crisp and full tails. With our array of modern mics – including shotguns to omnidirectional mics in AB, XY, ORTF configurations plus Ambisonics and ORTF 3D spatial audio setups – we were able to capture every sound in their full, rich intensity.


Across the smoky battlefield, cannons reign supreme. These high-quality sounds don’t include just the 26 channels of raw blasting power, but also the mechanical noises, impacts, and flybys (group shots) – everything you need for total audio realism in your production, whether it’s a film, game, or podcast. With the Construction Kit there are 8 variations for each cannon, and a sampling of a range of cannons of different sizes and types.


Recorded at a military base and an archery range, the hillside settings provided the perfect natural reverbs for these cannon blasts. Though with many sounds you might want a dry recording, with cannons (and other firearms) a nice, appropriate tail ensures it has a measure of realism.


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boom library cannons designedCannons Designed


Whether needing carronades or 16-pounders for your British naval vessels hunting pirates, bombards to take out castle fortifications, or culverins to unleash an inferno against oncoming troops, this library has got it. We’ve gone further with the Designed pack to make sure that each sound is polished and ready to use.


Using the 26 channels and sound effects from the Construction Kit, we’ve designed for your immediate use 5 sets of 15 cannons with 6 variations each. Including:

  • Distant: The sound of cannons blasting somewhere in the distance through the smoke.
  • Mechanic: Cannons move and rock a lot when they go off – these include all that extra motion and are truest to the full sound of the cannon’s action.
  • Crisp: Processed to be more in-your-face than realistic, perfect for trailers and experimental uses.
  • Loud: Designed with an extra boost of volume.
  • Soft: For when you need dialogue over the cannons.


Our Designed sounds are always crafted with true drag-and-drop use in mind. Each of the 5 sets of cannon blasts should be more than enough for your production requirements, without you having to worry about any extra sound design. Combined with the Construction Kit to add the impacts, you will be fully locked and loaded for any cannon battle.


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boom library cannons bundleCannons Bundle

THE BUNDLE is the best of both worlds at a discounted price.
The Construction Kit and Designed truly stand out when used together. In the Designed part, the Mechanical Shots were crafted to provide the full process of firing the cannons. While the Construction Kit comes with all the source material so that any Foley sound you might want for further customization can be used.

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