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BOOM Library Seasons Of Earth – Winter is a stunning collection of winter sounds. Cool sound wind, soft rustling of snowflakes, ice cold rivers, subtle animal movements and much more are included. It also comes in 2 versions, stereo and 3D surround. Get the 3D surround version now and save 20% with special introductory prices.

Seasons of the earth – winter

As the snow covers the vast landscape and the wildlife adapts to the harsh conditions, the character of the environment changes audibly.

Calm breezes, cool winds, the faint sound of trickling snowflakes, frozen rivers at various distances, biting winter storms and subtle animal activity. This and more awaits you in the stunning collection of ambient sounds put together in this library.

As the sun retreats to give huge landscapes their spectacular appearance, an equally amazing soundscape emerges.

Our planet has a fascinating sound spectrumAnd in every season of the year nature offers us an impressive and multifaceted sound composition. We have captured the most interesting and iconic ambience that only reflects the sound character of the earth as closely as possible: use the unparalleled Schoeps ORTF3D Surround Set. Use these top-notch sounds to create authentic projects from the ground up 3D environment or stereo.

Set the stage for emotions

Whether you're looking to turn your audience into a blissful escapist nature documentary or add the excitement to a bitterly cold finale, Seasons of Earth – Winter is great for any planned scene.

While it complements existing dialogues, music, narrations or sound effects very well, it also sounds great on its own – for example when opening a scene before other audible cues are used.

3D Surround Tech Specs (including stereo version)

Save 20% on Seasons of Earth – Winter 3D Surround. The sale ends on October 1st, 2020.

  • Files: 210
  • Size: 65+ GB
  • Content info: PDF XLS
  • Format: WAV – 24 Bit – 96 kHz / Windows + Mac
  • Track layout
    • Lo: L · R · Ls · Rs
    • Hi: Lh • Rh • LSh • RSh

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Stereo Tech Specs

  • Files: 105
  • Size: 13+ GB
  • Content info: PDF XLS
  • Format: WAV – 24 Bit – 96 kHz / Windows + Mac

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Winter is also available in The Complete BOOM Basics, The complete BOOM Ultimate and The complete BOOM Ultimate 3D Surround Bunch.


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