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Boris FX released Sapphire 2021, which offers Mac workstations faster speeds, new photorealistic lighting effects and presets, and greater customization of lens effects in the Emmy Award-winning visual effects suite. Also, save up to 50% on Sapphire and 25% on Sapphire Units during the Boris FX Black Friday sale.

Boris FX Black Friday Sale – Save up to 50% now until November 27th, 2020!

Boston, Massachusetts, USA – November 23, 2020 – The post production industry relies on Boris FX Sapphire for high quality visual effects that play back quickly. The new version 2021 is a significant technical advance for any editor, artist or graphic designer who works on a Mac workstation. Sapphire 2021 brings the long-awaited metal GPU acceleration to the plugin suite. Sapphire with Metal can render up to 4x faster than just CPU. Sapphire 2021 also adds new effects, new presets, new lens effects and updated features to the Sapphire Flare Designer.

Sapphire 2021 is now available as a plug-in for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, and OFX hosts including Autodesk Flame, Foundry Nuke, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve, and VEGAS Pro.

"Sapphire users working on a Mac that was purchased in the past seven years have a lot to celebrate with the 2021 release," said Boris Yamnitsky, President and Founder of Boris FX. "The acceleration of the metal GPU ensures the well-known Sapphire rendering technology on the Mac platform is future-proof and ensures optimal GPU utilization on the upcoming Mac silicon hardware."

“The new S_UltraGlow and S_UltraZap effects represent the evolution of two of Sapphire's most popular effects, S_Glow and S_Zap. The new parameters and functions offer photorealism at the highest level with countless new customization options, ”explains Brian Fox, Director Product Marketing at Boris FX. “The stunning results add visual pop to films, TV series and promos. Both effects are packed with professionally designed presets that artists can simply drag and drop onto footage or use as a starting point for creating new looks. We can't wait to see artists incorporate these nifty new effects into projects. "

"Efficiency and speed are always better, especially given our usually tight turnarounds," notes Jonathan Ouellette, co-founder / creative director at LA and London-based creative agency Kill 2 Birds. “Sapphire 2021's faster render times have been incredible for our workflow, not to mention the amazing new looks in UltraGlow and UltraZap. Sapphire is an important part of our creative pipeline. We love it."

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Sapphire 2021 highlights:

  • New! Metal GPU Acceleration: More than 60 Sapphire effects have been rewritten specifically for Apple's proprietary GPU language Metal. Sapphire users on current Macs (since 2014) now have access to the same blazing GPU acceleration speeds previously only available to workstations with NVIDIA graphics cards. Performance improvements vary by GPU, OS version, frame size, sapphire effect, etc. Sapphire effects with metal acceleration make (on average) 20 to 30% faster than just CPU. Certain sapphire effects like S_Rays can be rendered up to four times faster.
  • New! S_UltraGlow effect: S_UltraGlow builds on the popularity and power of S_Glow. S_UltraGlow emulates realistic optical glow with a user-friendly interface with many customization options. Users have the option to create a primary glow and a secondary "afterglow" for better photorealism. In addition, the new "Atmosphere" parameter gives the glow a smoky or foggy appearance, and the new "Highlight" parameter automatically introduces animated sparkles or light sweeps over an image.
  • New! S_UltraZap effect: S_UltraZap is a new sister effect of S_Zap. The pimped up effect makes it easy to achieve the most photorealistic lightning and electricity effects. S_UltraZap builds on S_Zap with new parameters and functionality including a secondary screw system that wraps around the main screw, a custom animatable spline structure or the ability to wrap a native AE path / type, as well as built-in mocha tracking and masking.
  • New! Improvements and new presets for LensFlare Designer: The most famous lens effects in the post production industry add two new parameters to give users even more creative freedom. Users can now move flare elements off-axis and adjust their relative speeds. Includes new photorealistic flare presets designed by professional and in-house artists.

Prices & availability

Sapphire 2021 is available as a permanent license, annual or monthly subscription, and an upgrade from previous versions. Support for plug-in hosts includes Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer and OFX hosts Autodesk Flame, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve, Foundry Nuke and VEGAS Pro.

Customers with current subscription or upgrade and support plans will receive a free update for Sapphire 2021.

Multi-host option # 1 (Adobe, Avid & OFX)

  • Upgrades start at $ 895
  • Annual subscription: $ 895
  • Monthly subscription: $ 112
  • Permanent license: $ 2,795

Multi-host option # 2 (Adobe & OFX)

  • Upgrades start at $ 495
  • Annual subscription: $ 495
  • Monthly subscription: $ 62
  • Permanent license: $ 1695

Single plugin host (Avid)

  • Upgrades start at $ 495
  • Annual subscription: $ 495
  • Monthly subscription: $ 62
  • Permanent license: $ 1695

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Boris FX Black Friday Sale – Save Up To 50% On Sapphire

BF BorisThe details

  • November 23-27
  • 50% discount on unlimited, node-locked bundles
  • 25% discount on all other products
  • Floating licenses excluded
  • Maximum amount 1 per customer

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