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Digital Rebellion Pro Media Tools 2.0 released, including brand new QT Edit

Paraphrased from the Digital Rebellion website:

Version 2.0 includes a rewrite of QT Edit to move from the legacy QuickTime 7 API to the modern AV Foundation API. This explains the app works on macOS 10.15 Catalina and Big Sur. Digital Rebellion explained how the changes involved a massive undertaking. You are grateful for everyone's patience as we went through this process.

You have converted most of the functionality from the old version to the new, with the exception of a few small / obscure QuickTime options that are not possible in AV Foundation. Most of these were nice niches so they don't expect customers to notice much of a difference between the new and old versions.

It's worth noting that chapters are not yet supported in the new version. They are implemented differently in AV Foundation than QuickTime. Instead of creating a direct port of the old implementation, Digital Rebellion publishes it a little differently. Therefore, they plan to make the chapter editing function available again in a future update.

They added that they know QT Edit is an important part of customer workflow. You don't want to disrupt your workflow. So, out of caution, they previewed the new version when in reality it should be pretty stable. They also encourage customers to perform operations on a copy of their media files while the app is in preview.

Due to Apple's app authentication requirements, we can no longer bundle the old QuickTime 7 version with the suite. For those who still need it, it can be downloaded here.

The update for Digital Rebellion Pro Media Tools 2.0 includes:

  • Digital Rebellion rewrote QT Edit to use the modern AV Foundation framework and use it in Catalina and Big Sur. This is a preview version that should be largely stable. However, we recommend editing a copy of your media files just in case. Most of the features from the old version are still there, with the exception of a few small features that are no longer present in the new API. Chapter support is not present in the new version because the chapters are different in the new API and it makes more sense to implement them in a new way rather than porting the old implementation directly. Therefore, chapters will be returned in a future update.
  • Video Check – It is now possible to perform audio scans without scanning video
  • Video Check – Improved reliability / accuracy of audio scans
  • In addition, Video Check performance improvements
  • Edit Detector – Reliability improvements
  • Various other optimizations and modernizations

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