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Grass Valley launched Edius X with a completely redesigned core engine, a new modular design, new effects, expanded functions and much more.


EDIUS X marks the beginning of a new era in non-linear machining. EDIUS X has a completely revised core engine and a modular concept that enables even more performance for fully customizable workflows. For almost two decades, EDIUS has been the trademark for stability, benchmarking performance and creative tools. EDIUS is used across industries from broadcasters and news organizations to government institutions, corporate productions, independent filmmakers, video artists, and video enthusiasts.

Thanks to the new modular structure of EDIUS X, Grass Valley can continuously update and improve the functions and workflow options. This makes it possible to meet the upcoming user requirements and to integrate new technologies and web services into the software itself – for example machine learning during the further development of EDIUS X. All EDIUS 10.x update versions are available during the expected life cycle of approx Available for free for two to three years.

Functions of EDIUS X.

EDIUS X offers exciting new modules and functions right from the start, including:

  • Background rendering: EDIUS X never asks you to interrupt processing in order to complete a process. This makes your workflow smooth, creative and practically unstoppable.
  • Background export: The new background render engine is also great for exporting files. You never have to stop working while exporting.
  • GV Job Monitor: EDIUS X keeps you up to date on all background activities and enables you to prioritize orders as required.
  • VST plug-in support: EDIUS X extends support for VST plugins. This includes support for latency plug-ins as well as powerful WaveShell integration.
  • Motion tracker with chase mode: With EDIUS X, you can easily attach a label, animation or video clip to your tracked object.
  • Motion tracker with anchor mode: Automatically recreate your image with reference to the tracked object. This is ideal for aspect ratio conversions and virtual multi-camera recordings.
  • H.265 export: EDIUS X speeds up rendering time when exporting by using NVIDIA GPU support. This is also available with the new options for rendering the background.
  • GUI color: EDIUS X has a refined user interface in a slightly darker color. This makes editing even more convenient with a cool new look.
  • Draft mode: With EDIUS X, EDIUS X Pro now also includes the draft preview mode. This enables real-time playback of any number of titles.
  • 8K support: EDIUS X Workgroup enables project settings and file export in up to 8 KB.
  • Optimized performance: EDIUS X is all about performance and future-proof design.

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For more information on all of the new features, check out the launch video below:

What about EDIUS Pro v9?

EDIUS Pro 9 will be available for about a year. EDIUS 9 is still relevant for customers who have many systems running EDIUS 9 and who want to wait with the upgrade to EDIUS X, but who already need additional seats.

If you purchased EDIUS Pro 9 after September 13, 2019, you must submit your EDIUS 9 series at to be able to use EDIUS X free of charge.


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