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Volna, created by irrealix, is an advanced stroke plug-in for After Effects. With built-in arrows, noise distortion, gradients and blending tool. Get it now and save with special introductory pricing. Temporary offer.

What is volna?

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Volna is an advanced Strokes plug-in for After Effects.

Volna can draw strokes along the path using many possible styles.

  • Arrows at the end of the path with adjustable parameters.
  • Taper strokes.
  • Gradient along the way.
  • Noise distortion.
  • Wave distortion.
  • Points mode.
  • Multi-line mode with noise distortion for each line. Can be used to create a chalk style stroke.

Also, Volna can mix different paths from two layer masks to create a new shape. The plugin draws intermediate lines between masks and blends them smoothly from one path to another.

  • Randomize line steps.
  • Noise distortion.
  • Wave distortion.
  • Randomize gradient.
  • Gradient offset.

Compatibility: After Effects 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017

Single license: MSRP: $ 49.00 SALE: $ 38.00
Floating Server License: MSRP: $ 71.05 SALE
: $ 55.10

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