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Luxion has released Keyshot 10, which enables you to take product experiences to the next level. This allows you to animate your ideas, experience your creations and optimize your workflow to deliver fascinating graphics.

KeyShot 10

KeyShot brings you Real-time 3D rendering This shows results instantly and reduces the time it takes to create realistic product visualizations. KeyShot is Trusted by brands around the world for its speed, ease of use, scientifically accurate materials, and advanced material handling capabilities. Communicate your ideas more easilyExplore concepts earlier and deliver stunning images faster.

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What's new in KeyShot 10?

KeyShot 10 opens up undreamt-of worlds and speeds up the visual creation process to drive the next generation of visualization. With KeyShot 10 you can take product experiences to a new level and animate your ideas, experience your creations and optimize your workflow to deliver fascinating graphics.


Animate your ideas.

KeyShot 10 gives you more movement for any idea with more control to create more advanced graphics and an industry-leading usability that keeps you moving.

Keyframe animation

Control your movement, not your excitement.

The new keyframe animation gives you new control over your animation timeline, with the ability to add and adjust keyframes exactly where you need them, or to record sequences of keyframes to quickly create complex graphics.

Sun & Sky Day Arc Animation

From sunrise to sunset.

KeyShot 10 Sun & Sky Day Arch Animation puts daylight in your hand. With the ability to directly adjust the date, start and end time, or apply keyframes for more precise control, animate the daylight for your scene has never been easier.

Environment rotation animation

The world revolves around your product.

You also have complete control over how fast it spins. Add a new ambient rotation animation to control how ambient light moves across your product, whether it's one of the many KeyShot environments or your own custom HDRI.

Twist camera animation

Ooh, yeah, just like that.

Your product animation needs a little drama from time to time. KeyShot 10 lets you animate your camera's Twist parameter to create as subtle or dramatic an effect as you like, while controlling the angle and time.

Visual reality

Experience your creations.

You now have more ways to experience your images with the new Smart Export, which uses KeyShot's UV unpacking and baking capabilities to prepare assets for AR, web and full-color 3D printing workflows.

Smart Export – 3MF

From KeyShot to full-color 3D printing.

When you need the most accurate physical prototype, start with the most accurate digital prototype. With full support for color, texture and transparent material, the transition from digital to physical is faster than ever.

Smart Export – GLB / glTF

3D visuals for the modern web.

Gorgeous scene interaction, fast loading models, and the broadest support in the industry. The open standard for web visualizations directly from KeyShot. Visit this page on your mobile device to view the 3D model.

Smart Export – USDZ

Mobile-Ready AR directly from KeyShot.

When you need the transfer of large 3D assets or an interactive, mobile viewing experience. KeyShot offers USD, USDA, USDC, and USDZ export, which is perfect for AR export in applications that support Apple's ARKit. Visit this page on your mobile device to view the 3D model. (iOS 12 and higher.)

Creative ability

Charge your workflow.

The right tool for the right job. When you open KeyShot 10, you'll find new and improved tools to help you manage lighting and move ideas around faster than ever before.

Light manager

With the new light manager in KeyShot 10, you can control all of the scene lighting from one place. The dockable control panel allows you to choose and adjust the lighting of your environment or control the visibility, color, power and size of each physical light.

Light gizmos

Grab the light.

If you're exploring lighting or want to make a quick on-the-fly adjustment, the new Light Gizmos in KeyShot 10 make it possible. Simply select a spotlight, IES light or point light in the real-time view or geometry view to adjust different options.

Move tool

If you want to move it, move the move tool.

You never thought that such a simple change could be so helpful. The KeyShot Move Tool has been completely redesigned to improve accessibility and allow placement and docking in real-time view or beyond.

Solo mode

When your parts need some alone time.

Choose, activate Solo mode. This new feature speeds up current workflows so you can isolate and edit one or more parts without locking parts or disrupting the hierarchy of other hidden parts.

Unsurpassed realism

Deliver fascinating images.

There's Foto-Real and then KeyShot. New updates to KeyShot's exclusive material features add a level of realism that turns your head.

RealCloth ™ 2.0

Another dimension of fabric, fiber and yarn.

RealCloth introduced a level of realism that has not been seen before. RealCloth 2.0 takes it to the next level. Improvements include 3D layers for yarn-like geometry and improved fiber-level details for the most realistic representation of the individual thread ever.

Improved Etchants

Let your rays of light make your jaw drop faster.

Caustics in KeyShot have always been beautiful and extremely accurate. In KeyShot 10, they now converge even faster for CPU and GPU, with less dependency on the size of your scene, for stunning results in less time.

Multiple surface scattering

Jump with me

Check multiple light reflections on rough dielectric surfaces before they are backscattered. Multiple scattering allows for the energy saving of light that interacts with rough dielectrics, meaning you can get a more realistic and physically plausible appearance of such materials.

Firefly filter

Hush, fireflies, don't disturb this scene.

Picture styles in KeyShot 10 are a special treat for those who add lighting to their scene. Denoise now includes a Firefly Filter slider that allows you to quickly remove and remove unwanted spots of light from your scene.

Improved Denoise

Smooth lighting.

New updates to KeyShot Denoise introduce albedo and normal information to provide consistent results between real-time view and your render output, as well as improved results in indoor mode.

Improved toon material

Toon voted.

Just look at those rich, thick contour lines. The popular KeyShot Toon material now offers finer control over outline behavior to better match line drawing illustration techniques.

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