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Mastering the Mix has updated REFERENCE, the plug-in for the mixing and mastering utility, with a full user interface update, improved EQ balance algorithm, and much more.

Mastering the mix REFERENZ

Utility plugin for mixing and mastering

It can be frustrating not knowing exactly how to compare your music to your favorite mixes. REFERENCE With a variety of powerful tools and insights, you can get closer to the sound of your favorite music than ever before.

What's new in REFERENCE v2?

  • Full user interface update with user experience and workflow improvements.
  • Advanced level matching options. You can match your references to your original track, the quietest track, or set all tracks to -14LUFS.
  • Improved EQ balance algorithm that deepens the differences between the tonal balance of your song and your reference track and shows a full curve.
  • The EQ balance algorithm can display the EQ curve needed to make your mix sound like your reference or the inverted difference, depending on your preferences.
  • Stereo width analysis and visual improvements.
  • REFERENCE now contains an additional source plug-in called REFSEND, with which you can bypass entire FX chains in order to carry out loudness-adjusted A / B comparisons. This will keep you honest with yourself about the changes you are making to your music and make for positive progress.
  • New measurement layout with integrated LUFS options for peak, dBTP (decibel true peak) and short-term options.
  • A more accurate and reliable track alignment algorithm.
  • Switching between the original and reference track can be assigned to MIDI, so that it can be switched even if the plug-in interface is not open or selected.

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