Aescripts new products october 2020 pixel stretch motion reaction line-connection for Cinema 4d
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Check out these new aescripts + aeplugins products for After Effects and Cinema 4D: pixel stretching, motion reaction, line connection.

After Effects pixel stretch

New from Satori, Pixel Stretch!

Pixel stretch

20% discount until October 30, 2020

Stretch pixels like never before in After Effects

Pixels are stretched with subpixel accuracy according to their brightness. The stretch is cumulative for each row or column, which means that a pixel offsets all subsequent pixels in its row. This creates much more organic patterns than simple effects like line stretch. The basic effect is similar to that of an old analog TV, but all the controls this filter offers give you a lot more options!

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Movement response

Movement responseMovement response

25% discount until October 23, 2020

Create a continuous state and transform motion for all objects

The movement reaction works with the PreComp, Shape and Text levels. It has full settings. Avoid extra layers! Morph movement! Apply to objects with any figure

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Cable connection for Cinema 4D

Cable connection for Cinema 4DCable connection for Cinema 4D

Plugin for Cinema 4D R19-R23

Line connection for Cinema 4D generates connection lines between selected objects in Cinema 4D.

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