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Pixologic ™ is proud to release ZBrushCore in 2021. This new version has a number of powerful features that make ZBrushCore easier to use! Additionally, ZBrushCore 2021 is a FREE UPGRADE for all registered ZBrushCore users.

For a demonstration, watch the video that explains the new features.

ZBrushCore 2021 highlights

Dynamic subdivision

View your model as a higher polygon version so you can see what it would look like if it was divided and smoothed. In ZBrushCore, this feature includes the FlatSubdiv and SmoothSubdiv options.


Uses dynamic subdivision to replace each polygon with an instance of a 3D model. That way, your model can be rendered as a much more intricate web like chain mail!


You read that right! ZBrushCore is expanded to include an automatic retopology. While there are not all options included in ZBrush, you can instantly retopologize your model using the intelligent algorithms that make ZRemesher so powerful.


ZBrushCore offers even more performance improvements. In particular, they've redesigned the systems behind the modeling brushes along with many other popular features. The speed has increased in all sectors.

iMage 3D GIF and PNG format

The iMage 3D format provides a unique way to share both an image of your work and the 3D model itself in a single GIF or PNG file. Publish this file to any website that can view it as a normal 2D image. After opening in ZBrush, the entire model can be edited with all of its SubTools.

Check out the many community shapes waiting for you at ZBrushCentral's iMage 3D Community Expo!

Support for Sculptris files

ZBrushCore can now load native format files saved by Sculptris. If you have a model library that you created over the many years before Sculptris was retired, you can now open it directly in ZBrushCore to keep working.

Release Notes

Additional functions:

  • Added settings to enable single click solo mode.


ZBrushCore 2021 is a FREE UPGRADE for all registered ZBrushCore users. In addition, new users can buy immediately.

Pixologic ™ ZBrushCore 2021

3D starts here

ZBrushCore is exactly what its name suggests: the key elements of the award-winning ZBrush software. It contains everything you need to get started in the world of digital sculpture and painting. In fact, Pixologic has tweaked these features into an accessible package for artists of all skill levels. ZBrushCore lets you shape, paint, and create just about anything you can think of.

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