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From the publication:

Poolhouse is a new, unique platform created by producers for producers. Poolhouse is a unique industry resource and offers a robust community for creative producers from agency, production and post as well as the support of industry experts, including managing directors and representatives, to make contacts, to further educate themselves, to exchange opportunities and to exchange ideas about the art of production.

The member-based platform was developed and launched by Veronica Beach, Pamala Buzick, Erin Sullivan and Jill Auerbach – respected producers with extensive expertise who share a deep passion for the industry. The first iteration of the pool house was forged over a decade ago by the founders as an email user group for independent agency producers who rely on connections and trustworthy professional recommendations.

The founders used this experience to address today's production landscape and developed an updated, robust solution that allowed producers from all areas of content creation to share resources and messages by connecting in curated and private chat channels. It's important that Poolhouse offers online screening rooms, member profiles, and master class content called Cheat Sheets, with additional features, including detailed member profiles, and an app that will be available later this year.

"We are delighted that producers are accompanying us on this path to pave the way for virtual communication and cross-pollination while we are revitalizing and redesigning the industry," said Jill Auerbach. "It's a consolidated platform for producers to connect on time, and our members are an integral part of their development with participation and feedback as we evolve together."

The impact of the pandemic on production, including decommissioning and rapid region-to-region changes, security protocols, and remote shooting options, intensified the founders' efforts to make the pool house accessible to industry members around the world. While the team was working on the design and UX of the website, they did what the producers did: they used their network to create video content to inform, educate and promote the producers. Almost 100 videos that are available on Poolhouse's YouTube page and on Instagram show well-known talents and executives in the industry such as Henry-Alex Rubin, Candice Vernon, Calmatic, Aaron Stoller, Michael Di Girolamo and many more, covering topics such as crafts , Mentoring and long-range shooting discuss identity and leadership.

Producers who join the pool house in July receive two months free of charge; one if they join in August. The membership fee is $ 9.99 / month, an accessible fee to support the growing platform and its community.

"In this urgent time, everything is messy and it is important that producers join forces to advance the industry," said Veronica Beach. "We are problem solvers by nature, and it depends on our industry where the producers come together to ensure immediate and substantive communication and where the pool house comes into play."

The hope, the founders say, is that Poolhouse can enable positive change if the production community examines issues of parity and diversity while effectively producing content at the highest level.

Erin Sullivan explains: “One of our main goals is to help shape a fair industry. We have the opportunity to amplify voices that have not been heard before and to transform the industry into a fairer and fairer landscape. "


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