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RE: Vision Effects has released RE: Map 4 with new functions and improvements and now contains a total of 6 plug-ins.

RE: Map 4 is now available

RE: Vision Effects, Inc., the recognized industry leader in effects plug-ins and maker of Oscar and Emmy award-winning software, is proud to introduce RE: Map v4. RE: Map is a series of plug-ins that enable UV coordinate based texture mapping in the post and include a full (un) distortion / displacement mapping toolkit.

RE: Map is well established in hybrid 3D / 2D pipelines, as shown in many TV projects. RE: Map has become the best friend of motion graphics artists with tight deadlines and semi-automatic pipelines where rendering / using it all the time saves the day.

New and updated plug-ins in RE: Map v4:

  • RE: Map Transform: (NEW) Makes it easy to move UV objects between different systems, including 3D rendering systems that support UV map inputs in their camera settings for lens distortion.
  • RE: UV card: Now Sport Adaptive Sharpening. You can now perform a mipmap smoothing in which the image network contracts, and sharpen the function regardless of how much the displacement extends locally.
  • RE: Map Inverse UV: Now handles different sized inputs (suitable when used for warping, like a lens flare instead of the original purpose for unpacking) and with separate scaling of the X and Y ratios. Easier workflow in Fusion, Nuke, Hitfilm and Natron. Improvements in the handling of frame edges (important for workflows with undistorted distortion).

RE: Map now contains a total of 6 plug-ins, the plus above RE: Map Corner Pin (with inverse corner pinning process), RE: Map Displace (Displacement maps) and RE: map distortion (stylized distortion effects).

Prices and availability:

The base price of RE: Map is USD 169.95 and one license works in all applications. RE: Vision Effects support. Existing RE: Map users can upgrade for $ 49.95. If RE: Map v3 was ordered on or before November 1st, 2020, a free v4 upgrade can be performed.

Effections Plus v21 owners will also receive a free upgrade.

RE: Map V4 continues to work where you work in After Effects, Blackmagic Design Fusion, The Foundry Nuke, Assimilate Scratch, FxHome Hitfilm, BorisFX Silhouette, and others, and now from v4 Autodesk Flame via the OpenFX node. The same license works in all host apps.

Floating licenses, volume discounts, and render-only licenses are also available. Contact

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About RE: Vision Effects
RE: Vision Effects is a software development company focused on providing innovative software for creating, modifying, controlling and enhancing digital video images of the highest quality. Their products have a wide range of applications and are currently used in all phases of the television, film, internet and visual effects industries.

The company delivers its state-of-the-art software through partnerships and direct sales to a wide range of customers ranging from home editors, wedding and other live event videographers, industrial video providers to high-end effects for advertising, TV and big TV enough. Budget movies. The founders received an Oscar in 2006 for technical achievement for the design and development of this affordable, easy-to-use RE: Vision software family.


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