VisLive Pro 3
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AddOnVisLive Pro 3, live streaming software, was released last week with lots of new features. Save 50% until August 30th, 2020.

VisLive Pro 3

50% discount on sale – ends August 30, 2020

Professional live streaming software

VisLive Pro can easily implement live streaming in broadcast quality without the need for professional radio and television knowledge or complicated broadcasting crews. It is equipped with multi-channel switching, various transition, PIP, GPU-based professional chroma keying functions, virtual set, beauty effects, VCR playback, sound mixing and many other functions. Just go live immediately.

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VisLive Pro 3 highlights

  • VisLive Pro supports up to 6 channels (5 external signals + 1 media channel).
  • Supports screencasts on mobile phones. For example, the iPhone can be accessed through a screen mirroring method. The Android phone establishes a connection via the VisLive Screen Cast app.
  • Supports setting any CAM channel as a "Copy Channel", which can copy the image from another CAM to this channel. Digitally crop or zoom the image to convert an additional HD camera position to 4K.
  • Supports setting a CAM channel as a "Custom Scene" for adding image layers. The layers can be external image files as well as another CAM channel. You can set the position, rotation, zoom, transparency, cropping, and other parameters of each layer to control its performance in the scene. Import or export the scene template package file (* .vxscepkg). The template package file contains image files referenced by the scene to facilitate the exchange of scene templates between different computers.
  • The device type of the test signal is changed to "Media file / Color bar / Monochrome". Each channel can be set to this type. In addition, it supports loop playback of video files.
  • Redesign the settings of each channel and divide the channel settings into multiple pages. For clarification: position of the source video, basic properties, delay and audio settings, beauty FX, color correction and chroma key. As long as computer power allows, each channel can add special effects such as Beauty FX, Color Correction and Keying. Add background and foreground to the channel. Adjust image size, position, rotation, and other properties as needed.
  • For the full list of changes, see the Updates tab on the VisLive Pro 3 page.


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