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Uppercut has released U-Render v2021.1.3 with an improved user experience of full integration of Cinema 4D as well as a new layout and intelligent material presets.

Press release:


Klagenfurt, Austria – February 3, 2021– U-RENDER Visual Technology GmbH has announced the latest update of U-RENDER, the real-time render engine developed by the Austrian company.

U-RENDER improved the user experience with the full integration of Cinema 4D through refinement Default values ​​for render settings, materials, and lights and by introducing a New layout.

The goal is simple: reduce the number of steps required to get a better looking rendering result.

The main focus of the Austrian developers was on the new intelligent material presets with ready-to-use material types that can be adjusted quickly and easily. These smart presets reduce the number of parameters that need to be adjusted. Smart presets can also be converted to a fully expanded material at any time to allow access to all material functions.

Materials are now correctly assigned when switching the material preview scene and material previews are rendered even when live mode is activated. In addition, the number of material types has been increased to give the user more optionsCreate accurate and realistic objects.

The new version of the real-time software U-RENDER also has some improvements and changes: We have improved the interaction between volumetric and screen space reflections, and GPU shaders are now compiled in parallel to shorten the start time of the renderer.

In addition, U-RENDER has made many other minor improvements and corrections Improvement of the entire workflow.

"Quality of life with Cinema 4D integration and user satisfaction are fundamental to us." said Benjamin Prader, U-RENDER COO. "For this reason, after the stable full integration with Cinema 4D, our priority has been to improve our user experience in order to meet the needs and preferences of our customers as closely as possible."

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About U-RENDER Visual Technology GmbH
U-RENDER Visual Technology GmbH is a leading Austrian developer of graphics software for 3D rendering. U-Render brings the latest advances in real-time rendering to the established rendering pipeline. It's currently available for Maxon Cinema 4D, but other integrations are on the roadmap. Https://u-render.com


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