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Workflower by Constantin Maier unclutters your After Effects layers with many essential tools that are missing from AE.  Version 2 is After Effects 2023 ready, and adds a newScriptUI Panel, Layer Tagging & More!  Save 25% with special intro pricing through May 26, 2023.



Special Introductory Pricing – through May 26, 2023

Missing Essentials for After Effects

Unclutter your After Effects layers with Workflower. It offers many essential missing tools for After Effects.

Annoyed by messy After Effects comps? With Workflower, you can create layer groups within your comp, as well as use other workflow-enhancing tools, like adjustment layers to selected layers only, layer cloning, or matte merging.

We’re all in a very unhealthy love-hate relationship with After Effects. We love it for how intuitive it is. We get a rush when building a beautiful shot. But then … there are precomps. And then … there are comps cluttered with too many f*cking layers. And … these GODDAMN different transforms of layers!

It could be so much simpler. Well, Workflower is here to help and it could be the perfect therapist for our relationship crisis with After Effects.

Single User License: MSRP: $99.00 SALE: $74.99

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What’s new in Workflower v2?

Almost a year in the making, Workflower 2 is finally here! It is yet again a massive update and Workflower is now featuring 2x (= 100%) the amount of (handwritten, no A.I.!) code since version 1.0 launched. We all know everyone mostly cares about the size of the code base but for those who are also interested in the features included, here you go:

After Effects 2023 Ready

Workflower is finally After Effects 2023 compatible!
Literally hundreds of sections within the code – across matting-, cloning-, and adjustment layer-functions – had to be completely rebuilt, mostly relating to AE’s new track matte system.
But now you can take full advantage of AE’s new track matte system as well as other upcoming features (like the new 3D render engine) while at the same time enjoying Workflower’s various functions!

ScriptUI Panel

Staying true to how After Effects features are supposed to be developed, the most requested while at the same time most basic feature, took the longest to develop … But here it finally is: The option to use Workflower as a ScriptUI Panel!

The ScriptUI Panel is resizable and available in 4 different configurations:

  1. Row layout, 1 line
  2. Row layout, 2 lines
  3. Column layout, 1 column
  4. Column layout, 2 columns

You can even customize which buttons are supposed to appear on the panel!

Tag Layers & Groups

Workflower v2 now features the ability to tag layers. That way, you can create groups of layers not bound by the layer hierarchy and perform various actions on them. You can even tag Workflower’s regular groups.
Afterwards, perform an action on a Tag Group:

  • Activate / Deactivate
  • Enable / Disable
  • Solo / Unsolo
  • Lock / Unlock
  • Select / Deselect
  • Toggle effects
  • Toggle motion blur
  • Jump to top-most Tag Group layer

Improved & Faster Matting Tools

All matting tools within Workflower have been overhauled in a major way to conform to AE 23’s Selectable Track Mattes and in turn, are easier to use and execute way faster.
Group Mattes, for example, perform many times faster now since the Group Matte only has to be calculated once, whereas, in AE 22 and below, Group Matte layers have to be applied to every group layer individually, slowing down your comp the more group layers you have.
However, now, you can add as many group layers as you want and AE will stay super fast and responsive! (Well, okay, as super fast and responsive as things were back in 2005. But that’s not my fault!)

Easier Ways to Learn Workflower v2

Workflower now provides various ways that help with learning Workflower.
This is especially useful for newer users. However, even older users can find it insightful since they might still learn a thing or two about the functions that way.
The new ways to learn Workflower include:

  • Extended tooltips
  • Pop-up tips when first executing a function
  • Direct links to user guide & tutorial chapters when right-clicking on a function

Double-Click to Expand/Collapse Groups

Expanding and collapsing groups never has been easier: Now you can simply double-click on a group header to expand/collapse the group!

  • Alt/Option+double-click to select
  • Shift+double-click to enable/disable
  • Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+double-click to solo

(Needs the WQ plug-in installed that can be found in the installation files.)

But wait, there’s more!

  • Relabel Keyframes using the Relabel Panel
  • Reveal ALL Opacity Properties (e.g. from Effects or other Properties) in the Timeline using Reveal Layer Opacity
  • New Functions: Trim Layer to Keyframes & to Layer
  • Precompose Super-Duper-Mega-Charged:
    • Precompose each Selected Layer, Add Handles, Adjust Duration to Layers when Leaving all Attributes, etc.
  • …and so much more!

Free Trial

There is a free trial version available which is usable for 10 days. It is almost fully functional and only has a few limitations. The following functions are deactivated:

  • Quick Refresh Connections (A faster mode to refresh Precomp Clones. However, you can still use the regular Refresh Connections function.)
  • Matted Adjustment Layers (An alternative to the Workflower’s regular Adjustment Layer to Selected Layers.)
  • Layer Storing (Often used layers can be stored and then pasted again using a shortcut. So it’s some kind of an extended clipboard. With multiple store spaces!)
  • Rename Layers by Number

Try it for free!


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