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Animation and visual effects were an integral part of storytelling. Be it a Hollywood movie, a web series for the OTT platform, or a commercial project, 3D and VFX are widely used to create the required impact. Virtual production is in sight, but full integration will take some time. With the steadily growing demand for new web series, the jobs in VFX and animation are also increasing. OTT has opened a completely new arena for our industry and will continue to exist.

Compositing is the latest in Escape Studios' line of animation and VFX webinars. They worked with me for the same reason ILM (Industrial Light & Magic). So this special online training session will be a kind of panel discussion between top artists from ILM and experienced trainers from Escape Studios.

The webinar is helpful for all aspiring and young artists who want to become a VFX compositor. You will get industry insights and useful information about their future scope and careers in this industry. A discussion based on a right job topic will help you make the right decision. Details of the webinar are as follows.

Theme: An introduction to compositing and finishing for VFX

Date: Wednesday November 11th

Time: 5:30 p.m. London (Change the time zone to your country on the webinar registration page.)


  • Davi Stein – Technical Trainer at ILM
  • Amy Backwell – Emerging Talent Specialist at ILM
  • Sam Dawes – Paint Supervisor at ILM
  • Klaudija Cermak – Compositing tutor at Escape. (Black Mirror, Britannia, Captain America)
  • Allar Kaasik – Senior Compositing Tutor at Escape. He headed the VFX editorial team at Realize Studios and conducts research in the areas of computer vision, natural and artificial intelligence and brain-computer interfaces.
  • Sokratis Synitos – Compositing Tutor at Escape. (Doctor Who and Avengers: Endgame)

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What is compositing?

All studios operate their own production and post-production pipelines, according to the project. One thing is the same in all workflows – the last part is compositing / finishing.

As the name suggests, compositing means combining all recording plates (2D source material), alpha mats, tracking camera data, 3D render passes, matte paintings, VFX stock footages and all other elements to end the shot. The goal of mail is to fuse all things together in such a way that it appears as if all elements were taken at a single point in time, in the same lighting conditions and with the same camera. In technical terms, it is also 2D compositing. As you've seen, this is the most important stage in the entire post-production pipeline.

In this webinar you will only get details about it. Although it's a free online webinar, seats are limited. Make your registration as soon as possible.


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