Nexus Studios signs director Neeraja Raj
Nexusstudios Neerajaraj Meowornever Stills 13.jpg

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From the publication:

Nexus Studios is proud to announce the signing of rising star Neeraja Raj to represent the directors worldwide. Her NFTS short “Meow or Never”, a beautifully designed stop-motion madcap musical, quickly caught the attention of the animation industry.

The play was shortlisted for a BAFTA student, named “Best Film” at the Women in Animation 2020 Showcase, and featured in a number of international animation publications and festivals. Similarly, their charming 2D animated short, Stars, which tells an uplifting story of a boy and his dog and their attempts to spread joy among nondescript passers-by, has been screened at various festivals around the world.

Neeraja is a director, writer, animator and a very resourceful and talented storyteller. Her diverse portfolio displays a range of techniques that include stop motion, puppetry, 2D and 3D animation. This means that she is in a unique position to choose the best medium to tell authentic and emotionally engaging stories. She is able to create endlessly detailed and tactile worlds and capture heartfelt performances by carefully crafted characters.

Since joining Nexus Studios, she has already landed her first commissioned project with a high profile charity, which will start early next year. She is currently working with the original content team at Nexus Studios on a series adaptation of "Meow or Never".

Charlotte Bavasso, Co-Founder and Executive Producer of Nexus Studios, explains: “We are very excited to be working with Neeraja. Her storytelling is that perfect mix of smart, funny and unexpected, coupled with a great attention to the craft. She's a really original new voice in animation today. "


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