Nia Long, Thandie Newton on Racist, Ageist ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Casting
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Long feels that she was rejected from the 2000 action film because she was too black.

Nia Long follows in the footsteps of Thandie Newton and starts the problematic casting process for the action film "Charlie & # 39; s Angels" from the year 2000. In a new interview with Insider, Long revealed that her agent had informed her that she wouldn't get the role of Alex Munday in "Charlie's Angels" because she looked "too old" to fight Costar Drew Barrymore to play. Long said she thinks the rejection has racist undertones.

"I said," What? “Long story line.” I love Drew Barrymore, I think she's great, but I think that was just a nice way to say that you are a little too black. Personally, I think so. Because if you notice there was no brown skin [actor]. I mean, honestly, I would have been the blackest thing in the movie. "

"The feedback I got from my agent was," She just looked too old and nifty to be next to Drew Barrymore, "Long continued." And I think it's an actor's decision that made him Going space the way he wants to look, but it's a director's vision to create and curate a character. So if you couldn't see beyond that that I was wearing a blazer and jeans, this was clearly not the job and the opportunity for me. So no problem, I'll keep it moving. "



The role finally went to Lucy Liu. In a vulture interview released earlier this month, Thandie Newton revealed similar issues with the casting process for Alex Munday in "Charlie's Angels". Newton said she was excluded from the project after director McG spoke roughly about the character.

"The director said to me," I can't wait. The first shot will be … You will think it is like yellow lines on a street and you withdraw and realize that it is the seams because the denim is so tight on your ass that it looks like asphalt becomes. & # 39; I said, "Oh, I don't think we will go this way together."

Newton also announced that Sony's executive Amy Pascal did not think she would be "believable" in this role because Alex "went to university and is educated." Newton reminded Pascal that she was visiting Cambridge, but the actress said Pascal replied, "Yes, but you're different. Maybe there could be a scene where you're in a bar and she gets up on a table and begins to shake her prey. "Basically, she is stumbling away from these stereotypes of how you can be more convincing as a black figure."

Pascal told Vulture that she was "horrified" by Newton's disclosure and that she did not remember the conversation. "While I take her words seriously, I can't remember the events she describes or one of her representatives who were present at this casting session," she added.

IndieWire has asked Sony for further comments. To read more from Long about the casting process of "Charlie's Angels" and her new Netflix film "Fatal Affair", visit the Insider website.

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