[Niagara 4.25 - ] Spline Location Mini Tutorial
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Spline Location Mini Tutorial

The intent of these mini-tutorials is to have an easily searchable reference for implementing some of the newer (or changed) features in Niagara.

The aim of the tutorial is to create particles along a predefined spline.

You can find the spline location module in the VFExtra package

VFExtra resource pack.
DOWNLOAD: http://nielsdewitte.be/index.php?page=Pages/VFExtra.php

VFExtra is a collection of useful assets for vfx development in an unreal engine. It's an ongoing project to provide additional features that artists and students can use to increase their productivity.
If you have any problems with the package, please contact me.

Unzip the zip file and paste the "VFExtra_ (EngineVersion)" folder into your project content folder.
Yo …

Step 1.
Create a new blueprint, add a spline component to the blueprint, save it, and add it to the scene.

Step 2.
Make a new particle system,

Step 3.
Add a new spline parameter to the user-provided area of ​​the system.
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And that's it!

Please let me know if you encounter any problems or if anything is unclear.


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