"Nomadland" is the winner of the Golden Lion in Venice and the People & # 39; s Choice Award at TIFF.


"I'm not a filmmaker who just makes films," Chloé Zhao told IndieWire earlier this year. “I have to be in love with my topic and want to learn more about it. Someone once told me that passion doesn't last, but curiosity does. I have to be enthusiastic about little things that I discover along the way. “Zhao's approach is just one reason why the upcoming“ Nomadland ”is one of the best films of 2020. With two-time Oscar winner Frances McDormand, the acclaimed drama won the Golden Lion in Venice and the People & # 39; s Choice Award at TIFF.

McDormand plays Fern, a woman in her sixties who recovers from losing it all in the Great Recession by traveling the American West as a nomad in a van. While David Strathairn, Oscar nominee for "Good Night and Good Luck," also plays an important supporting role in the film, McDormand plays in the majority of "Nomadland" opposite true modern nomads, including Linda May, Charlene Swankie and Bob Wells. Zhao wrote the script for the film using Jessica Brother's nonfiction book, Nomad Land: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century, as a guide, but she also made sure to include the real-life stories of the nomads themselves.



"They saw their script adapt to the personalities and stories that emerged from those conversations," Zhao's assistant director Hannah Peterson told IndieWire of the creative process behind Nomadland. “You could see her listening to these people tell their stories and then working with them to put their own narratives into the script. With Chloé, people really get to choose how they want to portray themselves. The security of feature filmmaking actually brings out a level of honesty and authenticity, in my opinion, that I consider impossible if this were a documentary that claims the truth. "

IndieWire's chief critic Eric Kohn named "Nomadland" the fourth best film of 2020 and wrote, "The film develops a fascinating narrative about American alienation and the appeal of escaping the oppressive clutches of society." Zhao takes the paradox at the center of a story that both celebrates the liberation of her character and laments the sad state that has put her on this trail. As America struggles with its shared identity, "Nomadland" captures both the zeitgeist and the fantasy of leaving everything behind for life on the street. "

Check out the official "Nomadland" trailer in the video below. The film won awards in virtual cinemas earlier this month. The trailer says "Nomadland" is "coming soon," while the film's official Twitter account mentions a February 2021 release.

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