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Originally released on December 11, 2017. Scroll down to get updates.

Alle Algorithmic has an interesting update for Substance Source, its online library of PBR materials. The 50 new substances replicate materials used in 3D printing and help users visualize 3D prints in advance.

"There have been almost no product previews for 3D printing," said Alle Algorithmic product manager Nicolas Paulhac. “We wanted to give designers the opportunity to experiment with a new sense of tactility through photo-realistic renderings so that they could almost feel the object in their hands before printing.”

Replicate the materials and web structures used in real 3D printing
The new materials correspond to those used in 10 real 3D printing technologies, including SLS and FDM printing. In addition to plastic, metal and wood surfaces, they reproduce the weave structures of printed mesh.

As with other Substance Source materials, the files are available in .sbs and .sbsar formats for use in Substance Designer, Substance Painter and compatible DCC software.

At the time of publication, one – a Voronoi metal grille – is available for download in the "Promotional gifts" section of the website, which also contains 11 other free downloadable PBR materials.

Updated February 25, 2018: Alle Algorithmic has updated Substance Source again, this time with 30 materials based on 3D scans of real sportswear fabrics. Read an overview of the scanning process here.

At the time of publication, one of the materials – a knitted spandex fabric – is available for free download.

Updated June 7, 2018: Alle Algorithmic has announced its “biggest update to date” for Substance Source – a collection of “nearly 500” materials used in car design.

In addition to more obvious materials such as paints, composites, leather and plastics, the set also includes materials used in the prototyping of cars, such as plasticine, clay, styrofoam and even camouflage pattern films.

The assets are published in batches over a period of five weeks. Future updates will focus on the interior and exterior of vehicles. At the time of publication, two are available free of charge. More will follow as new batches are released.

Updated September 28, 2018: It's a bit early for Halloween, but Alle Algorithmic has just released a new pack of 18 creature skin materials on Substance Source.

The pack is designed to take advantage of the sub-surface scatter support introduced in Substance Painter 2018.2. It includes fish, amphibian, reptile and zombie skins.

At the time of publication, two are available free of charge: one with fish scales and one with crumpled zombie skin.

Updated November 16, 2018: Alle Algorithmic has just released a new set of 27 procedural base materials on Substance Source, ranging from lava to foliage. The lava material is currently available free of charge.

The company has also released a new cloud viewer for fabric files that allows you to adjust the parameters for the materials and view the update of the results in real time in your web browser.

Updated February 14, 2019: The latest addition to Substance Source is a set of 20 sports fabrics, ranging from fleece to polyester to woven mesh, all of which have been scanned from real patterns.

At the time of publication, one is available free of charge: a polyester stretch fabric.

Updated May 10, 2019: Alle Algorithmic – or rather, Adobe, its new owner – has released a new set of 69 skin microdetail materials that range from pores, hair and fingerprints to some more nasty spots, birthmarks and scars.

The blog post announcing her release includes a series of short videos showing how to use it in Substance Painter, taken by Framestore modeler Magdalena Dadela.

At the time of publication, two are available free of charge: a fingerprint material and one with freckles.

Updated October 11, 2019: Adobe has released another important update for Substance Source. This time, over 580 architectural visualization materials have been added.

The materials include work surfaces, floors and wall coverings in categories such as terrazzo, marble, granite, parquet, cork, PVC floors, cement tiles, carpets and wallpaper.

At the time of publication, nine are available free of charge and cover most categories.

Updated March 14, 2020: Adobe's latest Substance Source update includes 15 Fantasy Battlefield materials inspired by Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, created by freelance artist Enrico Tammekänd.

In addition to basic materials, the set also includes wood, metal and stone, which are suitable for fortresses in fantasy style.

At the time of publication, two are free: an "ominous obsidian" material and – a complete placeholder – one for a hand-drawn paper world map in the Tolkien style.

Updated March 26, 2020: Adobe has released another update for Substance Source, which includes a starter kit with 100 stylized materials that corresponds to the visual style currently popular for indie and mobile games.

In addition to building, rock and soil materials, the set includes stylized vegetation, animal fur and fabric.

At the time of publication, five are free, including stones, cobblestones, boards and grass, and lava material.

Updated April 17, 2020: The latest resources on Substance Source are 130 parametric decals that were created in parallel with the new decal tool in the next update from Substance Painter.

The assets range from grunge effects such as cracks and dirt to surface features such as ventilation slots and grilles.

At the time of publication, five are free, including graffiti, rust, blood, and bullet holes.

Updated June 29, 2020: Adobe has published over 400 new materials on Substance Source: Updates to the parametric decals and stylized material packages as well as new photo-realistic materials.

At the time of publication, three are free: paint pollution and road marking stickers and basic material.

Updated July 10, 2020: Adobe has released 90 new textile materials on Substance Source that mimic real woven, knitted and printed fabrics.

There are also 20 new decals that mimic seams, stains, tears, and surface printing.

At the time of publication, seven are free: four of the fabrics and three of the decals.

Updated on July 31, 2020: Adobe has uploaded over 385 different new assets to Substance Source, from photo-realistic metal and marble materials to wood, pavement and new decals.

At the time of publication, 15 are available for free download.

Pricing and availability
You can download a number of free materials from Substance Source using the link below. The files are changed regularly and are usually provided in .sbs and .sbsar formats.

Access to the full commercial library is available through Adobe Substance subscriptions, which are for indie users with sales of less than $ 100,000 / year at $ 19.90 / month or for pro users at $ 99.90 / Start month.

For more information on new material sources, see the Adobe blog

Download free substance format materials from Substance Source

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