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Plan to join Adobe online from October 20-22, 2020 for “a unique and engaging digital experience that is guaranteed to inspire”. This year, due to COVID-19, Adobe MAX is a fully streamed event and free for everyone. Check out notable speakers, celebrity appearances, musical performances, a global art project, and 350+ sessions – all for free.

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The speakers include:

  • Shantanu Narayen, the President and CEO of Adobe.
  • Scott Belsky, Head of Product, EVP, Creative Cloud, Adobe
  • Ava Duverney, writer, director, producer
  • Keanu Reeves, actor, director
  • Annie Liebovitz, photographer
  • Tyler, the creator, recording artist, producer, director
  • Stefan Sagmeister, founder, Sagmeister Inc.
  • Antoinette D. Carroll, CEO, Creative Reaction Lab
  • Tim Allen, VP of Design, Airbnb
  • Lauren Hom, designer, writer, educator, Hom Sweet Hom

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