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Join Maxon for their next online event on Wednesday August 26th, 2020 for the Maxon 3D and Motion Design Show, a series of streaming shows with a focus on artists that feature an all female guest host cast!

The Maxon 3D & Motion Design Show – Wednesday 26th August 2020

Visit us online on August 26th at the Maxon 3D and Motion Design Show for some valuable tips, techniques and real-world production workflows with Cinema 4D, Redshift and the Red Giant product suite.

Take a look at this lineup:

Blake Kathryn

Blake Kathryn is a Los Angeles-based visual artist. Her work balances between conceptual and commercial fields that span different industries, including music, fashion and technology. Blake's work is known for its vibrant palettes and ethereal undertones with a surreal futuristic aesthetic.

Julia Siemón

Julia Siemón is motion graphics director, designer and animator. She is a faculty at the School of Visual Arts teaching senior design students in 3D design and animation. Julia has worked on award-winning rebrands for Spike, Vice and The Weather Channel, as well as commercial work for Converse, Amazon, Yahoo and many more. She likes to look between solving design challenges.

Shams Meccea

Smeccea is a Vancouver-based motion designer. Her work often explores abstract ideas, spirituality, and self-discovery. She bases her work on careful introspection, which is always drawn to working in many creative media.

Full schedule and live stream information

Maxon Cinema 4D S22

3D for the whole world

Cinema 4D S22 is Maxon's first subscription-only version that gives customers early access to performance and workflow advances, including UV unpacking and editing tools, improved selection and modeling tools, volume customer organization licenses, and updated viewport technology with support for Metal on macOS.

Maxon has also improved Cinema 4D's pipeline compatibility with GLTF export, GoZ integration for Z-Brush, and support for node-based materials in FBX and Cineware.

Cinema 4D S22 is now available to subscribers. Cinema 4D perpetual license holders will enjoy a release that includes the features of the S22 and much more later this year.

4D cinema S22 Offer for Cinema 4D MSA holders

Try Cinema 4D for free!

Cinema 4D S22 compatibility

Maxon Cinema S22 Compatibility – The Definitive List

We're excited to release Maxon Cinema 4D S22, the first subscription-only version. But as with any larger version, the compatibility issue comes into play. The developers are working hard to ensure that everything works smoothly with the new S22 version.

We have compiled a list of products and information to keep you updated on plug-ins and product compatibility.

Maxon Cinema S22 compatibility

Learn more about Redshift


The world's first fully GPU-accelerated, biased renderer.

Redshift is a powerful GPU-accelerated renderer specially tailored to meet the needs of modern high-end production rendering. Redshift is tailored to support creative individuals and studios of all sizes, and offers a range of powerful features that integrate with industry-standard CG applications.

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Red Giant Complete - Annual SubscriptionCompleted Red Giant

Get everything Red Giant does for one great price!

Get all of Red Giant's tools at one great price. Trapcode Suite, Magic Bullet Suite, VFX Suite, Shooter Suite and Universe are now available together as an affordable annual subscription from Red Giant.

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